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The Dreaded Opening Paragraphs

Theodora Bryant Copy editor, manuscript evaluations Book Editing Associates     No matter the number, it’s clear that the opening has to be a grabber in some fashion or your manuscript is dead in the water with agents, and according to those in the know, the buying public. Your opening, they say, holds up the entire …

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The Publishing Journey

Patti Frazier Changes in the publishing world over the past eight years or so has made it increasingly difficult for first-time authors to be picked up by a traditional publisher (e.g., Simon and Schuster, Random House, a university press, or a small press like Milkweed). Don’t get me wrong, it’s still possible for first-time authors …

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Down with Dialogue Tags

By David A. Cathcart Something I run across constantly in the manuscripts I edit is an overuse of dialogue tags when no attribution is required. For example: Running over to the window, Stephen turned and said, “Look at that lightning!” Let’s ignore the present participle that begins this sentence for a moment and focus on …

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Some Thoughts on Editing: 水山 The Rivers and Mountains School

By James Powell Writing and editing can be tough. One problem concerns vision: courting— with any degree of success—the flow of creativity. Then follows revision, the editing process itself: controlling and directing that creative current into something both compelling and correct. What follows is a consideration of both problems and a glimpse at some of …

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Like this Word

by Jeff Karon English Editor Editing-Writing.com Book-Editing.com Language constantly changes, linguists tell us, remaining in flux no matter how hard self-styled guardians of correctness try to lay barriers against the forces of error.  If you engage the services of an editor, you probably expect that the editor will be a guardian, or at least highly …

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