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Book Review: Scenic Utah by Mike Bahl

  Review of Scenic Utah by Mike Bahl with author interview by Marie Valentine, Editor Mike Bahl and I became friends when I published two of his stories in a chapbook collaboration for a publishing festival in Milwaukee. I expressed admiration for Mike’s writing and offered to be his early reader and editor. He’s become …

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Editing a Biology Manuscript

Val Gerard Medical and Science Editor I have been editing biology manuscripts, and manuscripts in many other areas of science and medicine, as a freelance editor for over a decade. Prior to becoming a freelance editor, I edited biology manuscripts for several decades as a university professor, mentoring graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. I also …

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What to Expect from a Professional Edit

Floyd Largent Many writers balk when they learn what a professional edit of their book-length manuscript will cost — particularly a content edit, in which the editor provides developmental editing, suggestions about plot, characterization, and flow, and other high-level changes in addition to the basic copyediting. Everyone in this business has had otherwise enthusiastic prospects …

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Grammar, Intentional Verbs, and Alien Minds

Jeff Karon English Editor | Editing-Writing.com Writers need to understand grammar, especially if they want their characters to display interesting and rich mental lives.  When we understand grammar as correctness, then readers have a right to expect that writers flout rules intentionally in their prose or poetry.  Intentional violations of grammatical rules by a writer …

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Critique Groups | Part 1

Caroline T Let’s imagine you are a savvy writing newbie and you want to take advantage of book publishing resources early on. You Google; you read books, you buy subscriptions and you figure out what path works for you. Let’s say you have a story in your head that won’t leave you alone; you are …

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Art for Art’s Sake

Caroline Hiley, Book Editing Associates The debate never ends about why millions of people love “bad” novels and pay good money for them, while others do the reverse.  I keep wondering why anyone bothers to debate this, because all art is subjective, for creator and viewer alike. I shall never forget the big “aha” I …

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