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Month: September 2014

Traditional Versus Self-Publishing

Arlene Robbins Book Editing Associates We often work with writers who’ve already decided to self-publish their books. Others want to find a literary agent or royalty-paying publisher, sometimes called a “traditional” publisher. It’s an important decision, so we’d like to share a bit of what we’ve learned about both options with you. “Traditional” Publishing: Still …

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A Review of Deadly Faux, by Larry Brooks, Writing Coach

By Theodora Bryant Copy Editor, Developmental Editor, Writing Coach   Larry Brooks has been a writing coach since the mid-1980s. He has published two books about writing novels that are ground-breaking in concept: Story Engineering, and Story Physics, both published by Writers Digest Books. I often buy books by writing coaches, best-selling authors, agents, other editors, …

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Five Reasons Why You May Not Want to Hire a Freelance Editor—and Why None of Them are Valid

  By David A. Cathcart Many writers, especially first-time writers, are hesitant to hire an editor to help them prepare their manuscript for publication or to send out to agents and publishers. Ironically, this reluctance to engage with a qualified editor could be the very thing that stands between the writer and publishing success. Here …

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