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Set Yourself Up for Writing Success

The Little Things Do Matter in Finishing Your Book                                                 By Editor John David Kudrick A close friend of mine recently told me he wanted to get serious about writing again, with the ultimate goal of finishing his nonfiction book. So I sent him some basic tips that come from an author I know personally, because …

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How Does A Developmental Editor Work With A Writer?

by Ana Howard For a writer seeking to find an agent and/or publisher, working with a developmental editor before submission is an invaluable advantage. Once a writer has gone through the process of writing and rewriting, then fine-tuning numerous times, it’s often difficult to see what else needs to be done to make his or …

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Grammar’s Role in Dialogue | Finding a Critique Partner

Adina Portman Do grammatical rules apply when writing dialogue? Are accents and slang fair game? This is a fantastic question. The grammar you use in your dialogue should match the grammar the character would use while speaking. You can use grammatical style as a tool for character development. Characters rarely require dialogue with perfect grammar, …

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What type of correlation coefficient should I be using?

by Vicki Johnson Pearson correlation coefficients are used to determine the linear correlation between two continuous variables. The Pearson correlation coefficient can range from -1 to 1, with negative values indicative of an inverse relationship between the two variables, and positive values indicative of a positive relationship between the two variables. The square of the …

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