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Ask an Editor | What’s Wrong With My Story?

  By Marlo Garner You just can’t quite put your finger on it. You’ve written and rewritten and revised and tweaked and proofed. You have fabulous, well-rounded characters, the language sings, and the hilarious gags only underline the importance and depth of your theme. You had some POV issues, but you’ve fixed those now. It …

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Finding An Editor | Drawing Inspiration from the Real World

Adina Portman I’ve finished my first manuscript and I need an editor. What should I look for in an editor? It’s all about clear communication from the start, and it’s important that the writer and the editor get along. Sounds simple, and it is. You will want to check the editor’s background. If you’ve written …

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When do I need to use a repeated measures MANOVA and what data structure do I need?

biometrics - nonparametric methods

Rebecca Andrews HelpWithStatistics.com DissertationAdvisors.com DissertationWriting.com Before talking about this technique, let’s clarify that when the name repeated measures MANOVA is used, it commonly refers to a repeated measures ANOVA in the sense that there is only a single dependent variable or outcome of interest. For example, a researcher who wants to compare different treatments for …

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So You Want To Be a Children’s Book Author — The Basics Experienced Writers Wish They’d Known

children's book editor Marlo Garner

By Marlo Garner Book Editor | Illustrator | Writer Book Editing Associates   After years of editing, teaching writing, working with writers, and learning about the industry as a writer/illustrator, I have a created a list of things I believe new children’s book writers need to know. I also asked some published author and illustrator …

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What is a Hook?

by Ana Howard Many agents and editors, when reading manuscripts today, are looking for a strong opening ‘hook.’ But often authors struggle with how to use this device and ask the question, ‘What makes a strong writing hook?’ A hook sentence, often called a narrative hook or literary hook, is a sentence in the first …

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