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Month: July 2016

Reference Books for Novelists

By Caroline Hiley Fiction Editor Writing a story is tough; making it credible and preparing the manuscript for editing add more challenge. Savvy novelists have a well-stocked home library, containing (for Americans) at least these reference works:   Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th ed. This is the traditional-publishing industry standard, followed by The American Heritage Dictionary …

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Why are there more ABDs than PhDs?

by Richard Pollard, PhD Earning a PhD is typically an arduous process. When I started my doctorate at Harvard, a 7th year doctoral student told me that the difference between undergraduate and doctorate education was like the difference between a prison term and a life sentence. As an undergraduate you serve your time and are …

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Update on Epublishing

By Beth Bruno, book editor Book Editing Associates Editing-Writing.com It happened to me for the first time about three years ago. One of the authors whose manuscript I edited sent me an ebullient email message that her book had been published. I congratulated her and asked for an autographed copy. “Sorry,” she wrote back, “but …

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