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5 Reasons (Plus One Bonus Reason) Why Every First-time Author Should Self-publish

David Cathcart

by David A. Cathcart, editor What first-time author doesn’t dream of landing a lucrative book deal with a big publisher, complete with a six-figure advance, a book tour, media spots, the works? As lovely as this sounds, the sad reality is, these days such deals are about as rare as global warming skeptics at a …

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7 Mistakes Amateur Writers Make That Reveal to Agents They Are Not “Serious” Writers

book authors and editors

by Carly Cantor Agents are inundated with submissions. Technology has made it easy for people to write and then submit what they’ve written to agents (or directly to publishing houses), hopeful their work will be recognized as a gem. But there’s an enormous mismatch between the number of people who think they have a publishable …

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Your Life Wisdom is My Passion

by Sarah Anderson, editor I specialize in editing books on Spirituality and New Age topics, many of which are memoir or autobiographies focused on the journey of spiritual growth and/or in which material was inspired by the voice of the “higher self.” Some of these are in a new genre often called “awakening,” in which the …

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Story Structure: Putting Our Pants On One Leg at a Time, Like Everybody Else


by Kelly Lynne, editor What do stories have in common with a pair of pants? Structure! To be recognizable as a story, a narrative must obey a few conventions, but like pants, infinite variety can be layered upon that. The concept of story structure is anathema to some writers, a restriction to be balked at, but …

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The 3 Rules of Writing Novels

by Caroline Hiley, editor These are the primary facts of life about writing and publishing a novel: It’s your story, your voice, your work. Writing is a craft as well as an art. Once your book leaves your hands, it becomes a product. Remember these facts, and you will have little trouble in your journey …

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How Do You Edit a Manuscript You Dislike?

by Kelly Lynne, editor Sometimes the first look at an unpublished manuscript forms a negative opinion, especially if we editors only get to see a sample of 25 pages before deciding to work with an author. If our pocketbook gives us little choice about taking on a project, we are forced to look deeper into …

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What Novelists Can Learn from Singers

by Caroline Hiley, editor Like many Americans, I watch the popular TV show The Voice, and have done so since it debuted. Originally I tuned in because I enjoy talent competitions and music, and wished to be entertained; but soon, and to my surprise, I saw an underlayer to the show forming a model that …

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Another Thought on Writers Conferences

By Editor John David Kudrick In my most recent post, I touched on why authors should attend a writers conference, focusing on two main reasons: First, it’s a great place to pitch your book to an agent or editor. And, second, it’s a place to be around other people who take writing seriously, allowing you …

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