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How to Get Published

by Amy Bennet, Book Editor, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror I work with a number of writers at the beginning of their careers, maybe with their first novel, or the first novel they’re ready to shop around, and they often ask how they can get started with publishing. Many writers would like to get an agent and/or a …

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How to Scare Your Readers: Part I

by Hannah Earthman, editor Writing horror is interesting: you’re basically inviting strangers to listen as, for hours, you try to scare the hell out of them. And best case scenario, when you’re finished with them, they’ll anxiously await the next time they can pay for the privilege of being scared by you. Honestly, the whole …

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Prolific Novelists on How It’s Done

by Caroline Hiley Writing one novel is hard enough. But how about 50, 100, even 500—all of them published, and with more to come? We asked six super-prolific writers for their secret and were unsurprised to learn that there is none. It’s all about work and passion. For each of these authors, writing is a calling …

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Can You Trust a Grammar and Style Checker?

by Jeff Karon The simple answer is no. The one used in Microsoft Word will catch the following error: “However I went to the store.” A comma should be inserted after “However.” But the same program will mark the same word as needing a comma in the following: “However I went to the store I …

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Short Story Submissions

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by Floyd Largent Fellow writer William Shunn provides the classic format for short story formatting here (ignore at your peril). Eventually, this will become such a habitual format that you won’t have to think about it, and any other will look odd to you. Well, suppose you’ve finished your epic story “Wrecker of Ten Million Galaxies,” it’s in the …

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From Dissertation to Peer-Reviewed Article

PS Rosenbaum

by PS Rosenbaum The act of shaping a journal article from a successful doctoral dissertation will benefit from prior thought at several different levels: (a) selecting a journal, (b) understanding the requisite structure of the article, (c) anticipating the peer-review, and (d) achieving scholarly credibility in all aspects of form. This short paper has something …

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How to Scare Your Readers: Part II (Reaction Shots)

by Hannah Earthman, editor In Part I of this post, I reviewed how you can write an effective horror story by defining and building from a strong hero-villain relationship, along with how to best exercise the element of gore. In Part II, we’ll look at how the creepy to outright petrifying can be conveyed through …

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