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Dissertation Tips: How to Write a Proper Introduction

How to write an introduction

By David Henderson, APA Dissertation Editor When writing a dissertation, thesis, or some other academic text, the introduction is, of course, the first thing a reader will lay eyes on, besides the title and abstract. Not only does it provide an overview of the rest of the work, but it sets the tone and creates …

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Architecture Lessons

Getting the Details of Your Dream World Story Right by Hannah Earthman An early dream world we witness in the movie Inception flops because its architect failed to get the carpet right; when the dreamer is pushed to the floor, his cheek touches the carpet and his attention is then locked on the difference between …

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Accept, Reject, or Delete

by P.S. Rosenbaum, Ph.D. Dismay is not an uncommon response of a student-scholar on first encountering an academic editor’s markups on a thesis or dissertation. Some edited manuscripts have literally hundreds of so-called “redlines” (i.e., deletions and additions), not to mention dozens of Comments ranging from simple reminders to detailed recommendations for major structural change. Some …

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Hiring a Dissertation Writing Mentor Can Reduce the Cost of Your Graduate Degree

Dissertation Advisors Navigating the intricacies of any graduate program can be difficult. It’s not that colleges and universities arrange their graduate programs to mirror crop circles, but rather, there is so much more for the average graduate student to do. Different ways of accomplishing some of the same tasks are also plentiful. Course work that, …

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Science Fiction vs. Fantasy: What’s the Difference?

by David A. Cathcart, editor When discussing various types of fiction, it’s common for people to lump sci-fi and fantasy together, as if they were virtually the same genre. To be fair, on a general level, this comparison certainly holds true. For example, both sci-fi and fantasy stories involve imaginary worlds, strange creatures and forces …

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How to Be the CEO of your Dissertation

Selecting Your Advisor and Composing the Committee Digital repositories, university libraries, academic blogs, and, yes, even Amazon.com offer more than a large dumpster load of “how to” this and “how to” that of completing a doctorate, much of which targets the “all but dissertation” (ABD) candidate. It is not my intent by invoking the image …

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