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Facts and Emotions


By Karin Graham Sometimes we editors have to distance ourselves from a manuscript. Sometimes that happens when the scope of work requires a lighter touch from the editor than would best serve the manuscript. For example, a manuscript might be difficult to follow, sparse in its citations, have links that don’t work, or a structure …

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Copy and Line Editing


George di Pietro | Book Editing Associates What’s the difference between copy editing and line editing? Where does one end and the other begin? I’ve been asked these questions by clients, potential clients, and even fellow editors. I provide both services, so I think my experience offers some practical insights. Copy editing generally is considered …

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Identity, Ethnic and Otherwise

identity illustrated with profile head filled with mosaic pattenrs

George di Pietro – Writer, Editor, Proofreader Book Editing Associates As a writer and editor, I am fascinated by identities — why and how people adopt them, and how they express them socially and politically. Two of my specialties as an editor and writer are ethnic and sexual identities. I find these subjects intellectually stimulating, …

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Character Profiles

Caroline T Book Editing Associates This being a new writer, I asked if he had done character profiles before he began writing. He answered yes. However, he realized over the course of our conversation that he hadn’t perhaps done enough “interviewing” of his main character. The result was that he didn’t have enough material to …

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Points of View | POV

By Theodora Bryant Point of view, or POVs, are just about the trickiest of all the writing techniques one has to master to master the craft. Second only, I think, to “show,” don’t “tell.” Most of you know there are three basic POVs: First person (1PPOV), Second person (2PPOV), and Third person (3PPOV), subtitled as 3PPOV-limited …

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Hiring a Dissertation Writing Mentor Can Reduce the Cost of Your Graduate Degree, Part 2

Read Part 1 here. The Solution The answer can be quite simple and inexpensive. My remedy revolves around the role of the mentor. Here’s why. At the beginning of every semester, professors generally meet with their graduate students either one-on-one or in a group as a type of informal orientation exercise. In my experience, most …

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Your story is a wheel—but is it balanced?

by David Cathcart, editor When I teach creative writing, I like to break story down into a three-spoke wheel, with the spokes consisting of: plot, character and theme. I define these terms as follows: Plot – the series of events that make up a story Character – the protagonist, antagonist and supporting cast Theme – …

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“What’s Wrong With My Story?” Part 1

by Marlo Garner You just can’t quite put your finger on it. Something’s not right about your picture book text. You’ve written and rewritten, revised and tweaked. You have fabulous, well-rounded characters, the language sings, and the hilarious gags only underline the importance and depth of your theme. You had some POV issues, but you’ve …

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