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children's book editor Angelle Pington Developmental/substantive editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, and manuscript/query letter critique. Genre specialties include:

Juvenile Fiction: young adult, middle grade (ages 8-12), leveled/early reader (ages 5-8), picture books, series fiction

General Fiction: contemporary trade and mass market fiction, romance/women's fiction, mysteries, thrillers

ANGELLE PINGTON has been a professional book editor since 2001. She was an in-house acquisitions/development editor for Penguin Group (Puffin/Speak) before becoming a full-time freelance editor of children, juvenile, and adult fiction. She has edited award-winning young adult novels, middle grade series, illustrated picture books, adult romances, thrillers, and mysteries.

Angelle has a positive, professional demeanor; a straightforward, kind approach to editorial feedback; and a meticulous eye for detail and accuracy. She truly enjoys helping authors shape their work, encouraging them to learn more about their characters, to explore something unexpected with their plotline, and to strive to inspire emotion (of any type!) in their readers.

Book Editing Services

Genre specialties include:

  • Juvenile Fiction
    • young adult
    • middle grade (ages 8-12)
    • leveled/early reader (ages 5-8)
    • picture books
    • series fiction
  • General Fiction
    • contemporary trade and mass market fiction
    • romance/women's fiction
    • mysteries
    • thrillers

Books Published/Edited

angelle-book-editing-jerk Friesen, Jonathan. Jerk, California. Speak. (Winner of the Schneider Family Book Award)
angelle-book-editing-academy Osterlund, Anne. Academy 7. Speak.
angelle-book-editing-aurelia Osterlund, Anne. Aurelia. Speak.
angelle-book-editing-walk Tankersley Cusick, Richie. Walk of the Spirits. Speak.
angelle-book-editing-cam Adler, David A. Cam Jansen and the Summer Camp Mysteries. Puffin Books.
angelle-book-editing-irish Supplee, Suzanne. When Irish Guys Are Smiling. Speak.
angelle-book-editing-munich Nelson, Suzanne. The Sound of Munich. Speak.
angelle-book-editing-slam-dunk Richardson, Charisse K. The Real Slam Dunk. Dial Books for Young Readers.
angelle-threads Friesner, Esther. Threads and Flames. Viking Books for Young Readers.
angelle-book-editor-trance Gerber, Linda. Trance. Speak.
angelle-book-editor-bikini Gerber, Linda. The Death by Bikini Mysteries. Sleuth.


Book Editor Reviews

"I’m very happy I came across this network online. I’m very happy with the editor that I chose. Everything was very professional." - Selin Merciyan

"Angelle, you need to know that as an editor, you're a writer's dream…your insight makes writing a joy." - Jonathan Friesen, author of Jerk, California and RUSH (excerpted from acknowledgments)

"Deep, heartfelt thanks to my editor, Angelle, whose guidance and wisdom I value beyond power of speech." - Linda Gerber, author of the Death by Bikini Mysteries, Trance, the Lights, Camera, Cassidy series, S.A.S.S.: Now and Zen and S.A.S.S.: The Finnish Line (excerpted from acknowledgments)

"Thank you…to Angelle who took a huge chance on a princess who should not be a princess and a writer who has never been very good at staying inside the box." - Anne Osterlund, author of Aurelia and Academy 7 (excerpted from acknowledgments)

"I wasn’t sure what to expect, as this was my first attempt writing a novel. Not only did Angelle deliver a detailed edit of my manuscript, but also she went above and beyond through sharing her wisdom and advice. I couldn’t recommend using book-editing.com more!" Amanda Kennedy

"Thank you Angelle, you’ve given me an honest and in-depth evaluation with the kind of detail and specificity I didn’t expect. You easily identified the weaknesses in my story and showed me how to fix them, at the same time emphasize the strengths. You have an eye of an eagle, and an impeccable editorial work." Patricia Vanasse

"Angelle is a wonderfully talented editor. She is very insightful, and quick to remedy any place in the manuscript where the story line is not working. She is positive with the work you submit, yet committed to improving it. Her suggestions and revisions make the original manuscript so much better. If I ever need another manuscript edited, I would most definitely use her, and only her." Karen Garcia

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