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APA Editing Services
APA 6th Edition

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Don’t agapa-editors-for-hire-dissertationonize over APA citations, headings, references, italics, punctuation, and whether to use fourth or 4th? Our APA editors can clarify, correct, and fine-tune your research proposal, thesis, dissertation, capstone project, textbook, or journal article.

In addition to APA 6th edition formatting and editing, our APA editing services include making sure your research proposal, thesis, dissertation, or capstone project conforms to your university, college, school, and program style guides.

No tiers. No levels.

The APA editors do not offer varying tiers or levels of APA editing. Their goal is to return documents that are thoroughly edited for content, clarity, and APA format.

They do not perform research or writing services.

“I had a very unfortunate contract end with another editing service that did not perform nor consider my timelines for my dissertation proposal. [After submitting] I received an immediate phone call from the network coordinator. She provided me with a consultant referral. Within hours, I received a response … [my editor] went above and beyond in her services. Her guidance and expertise was exact and accurate. She was professional in her communication style, but demonstrated her sensitivity and compassion towards my circumstances. Her contract was easy to understand and specific to the tasks.  I am forever grateful to the network; their ethics and standards extend beyond industry standards.” Cheryl Moore, PhD Candidate, Capella University

Why hire a professional APA editor?

Writing a thesis or dissertation is usually difficult, a process that often becomes overpowering because the degree-seeking candidate must prepare a paper according to the format and style specified in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA style)–which a college or university frequently modifies or supplements. An APA editor can eliminate days, weeks, or months of frustration.

What is APA style?

APA consists of writing conventions and detailed, unconventional rules for presenting text, tables, and figures. APA’s stylistically finicky rules refer to all aspects of writing and formatting formal papers, including specific requirements for aligning and spacing text, presenting and labeling figures and tables, and citing entries in the reference section.

What is the role of the APA editor?

The APA editor prepares your paper to conform to APA style and to accepted academic standards for grammar, spelling, academic style, and word usage. In addition, the APA editor decreases your paper’s wordiness, eliminates sexist language and slang, and ensures that you are using active voice and present or past tense appropriately, according to the 6th edition of the APA manual. Quotations are checked for their inclusion in the reference section. Without the help of an APA style editor, the majority of student papers include scores of errors in citing books, periodicals, conference or symposia proceedings, and works from electronic media.

Why Choose Our APA Editing Service?

Our APA editors are not merely competent, or even highly competent. They’re experts.

This APA format network was formed to screen out unqualified APA editors and to promote the services of proven APA editing professionals.

We’re known (and infamous) for the 2% pass rate on our APA editing test.

No trainees. No exceptions.

Out of every 100 APA “experts” who take our tests, only 2 pass with a score of 100% Those editors are posted here.

You work directly with the APA editor you select. There is no online form for monitored communications and no “gatekeeper” who blocks contact with your APA editor.

Each editor’s feedback is posted, and the names are real. We don’t post anonymous feedback or use initials.

Final thoughts

Don’t agonize over what to italicize or how to correctly punctuate sentences. Instead, use your time to research, collect data, and prepare a working draft of your paper, and let your APA editor attend to the nitty-gritty details of polishing your paper. Surprise your faculty advisor or committee by submitting a well-crafted APA paper. You will spend a few dollars–but you will not waste hours trying to find the sentence in the APA manual that explains how to cite references downloaded from the Internet or whether to write “percent” or insert its symbol. Hire an APA editor and avoid all the aggravation. Save time and effort; life is too short.

>>Our APA Editors<<

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