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Aubrey Otero – Professional Book Indexer

“That way lies insanity.” William Shakespeare, King Lear

Aubrey Otero has thirty years of experience as a writer, editor, and indexer. After obtaining her MA in English Literature and MFA in Creative Writing/Fiction, she began a career as a technical writer, and transitioned into journalism. After ten years, she tacked again and became a freelance book editor and indexer, working with manuscripts in nonfiction, business, science, medical, and academia.

During these years, Aubrey taught writing at the university level, at the University of California, San Diego Extension program and at the University of Phoenix. She also led ongoing memoir writing workshops in San Diego, and later online across the globe.

Aubrey understands indexing is an art, a strictly human endeavor requiring the ability to discern the major themes of a manuscript and the important sub-themes. Only with this understanding can an indexer coherently index a text, leaving out tangential information and focusing pertinence.

As an indexer, she carefully assesses the manuscript and then provides an in-depth, focused listing of major and minor topics. This requires great patience and attentive reading, both of which she excels at.

Aubrey has indexed dozens of books, including most recently a history book of World War II, and has still managed to retain her sanity.

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