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Recommended Books

If a book falls in the forest and there is no one there to read it, is it still a book? You’ve done the hard part; you’ve written the book. Now comes the next part: making it public. Letting readers know that your book exists for their reading pleasure. It may have been written in solitude, maybe even in the wilderness, but it will only thrive and flourish out in the wider world. So bring your book to the forest. Help it fall into a reader’s hands.

Authors who partner with our editors write in all genres and styles. Below are a handful of titles our editors have worked on: reconsidering and rewriting, reimagining and restructuring, committed to the revision of these books until they were ready for publication.*


Healing the Wounds of Childhood: A Psychologist’s Journey and Discoveries from Wretched Beginnings to a Thriving Life

by Don St John, Ph.D.
Edited by Sarah Anderson
Published: March 2015, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Silver Medal Winner of the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards

Healing the Wounds of Childhood is not just for those with traumatic childhoods. It is a guide for everyone that made it through their formative years and needs to move past that which has them trapped. Understand how relationships, stress, love and health are all related.

Madness Overrated by Esra Kus

Madness Overrated

by Esra Kus
Edited by Sarah Anderson
Published: January 2017, Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Madness Overrated explores the mad dynamics of the consumption-based, growth-driven world and its undeniably powerful role in affecting virtually every aspect of our lives and reshaping our existence as humans.

The book presents deep-reaching observations on the human mind as it undergoes various changes while adapting to everything imposed on it by society in the name of progress, productivity, and growth.

The author encourages the readers to ask themselves honest questions about the mad lives we live and thereby rediscover our natural curiosity to look inquisitively behind the facades of the many illusions we were made to believe. The author presents her vision for what the world looks like when experienced by balanced human beings and what it means to really grow and make progress as a global society.

Faith in Crisis: How God Shows Up When You Need Him Most

by Jim and Shirley Carroll
Edited by David Alan
Published: April 2017, Crosslink

On August 2, 1990 Iraqi forces, led by Saddam Hussein, invaded the tiny Persian Gulf nation of Kuwait. Jim and Shirley Carroll were missionaries on assignment when the first shots were fired. This is their story…

This is a true story of faith under fire.

You'll be inspired as you read the Carroll's first-hand account of the events that took place during the roughly five months the US Embassy in Kuwait was under siege. This is a history lesson, an inspirational story and a lesson in grace and faith all rolled into one riveting read!

Royalties from the sale of this book are being donated to help at-risk kids through tutoring and mentoring programs via Hope for Augusta, a 501c3 non-profit ministry. www.hopeforaugusta.org.

Washingtons Undersea War by Shawn Shallow

Washington's Undersea War: The secret development of the submarine in the American Revolution

by Shawn Shallow
Edited by David Alan
Published: February 2016, Gatekeeper Press

For most, mention of the American Revolution prompts images of British redcoats facing long lines of Colonial irregulars. However, much of the war took place in clandestine alleyways, lonely roads and even the ocean deep. We invite you to experience the war through the eyes of undercover operatives in the race to capture the underwater machine capable of changing the balance of sea power. This true story was meticulously built from records and letters of key individuals including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

Out of Egypt by Said Shehata, M.D.

Out of Egypt

by Said Shehata, M.D.
Edited by David Alan
Published: February 2016, Gatekeeper Press

In his autobiography Out of Egypt, Said Shehata, M.D., recounts his upbringing in Egypt as well as his medical education, participation in the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, and subsequent departure from Egypt to England. Shehata further recalls his immigration to the United States and his private practice in the U.S., with elaboration on the difficulties that foreign medical graduates and immigrants face. The details of his success in private practice and investments, until retirement in the year 2000, are informative and inspiring. The events that unfold in Shehata’s life, which run the gamut from tragic to shocking to triumphant, will resonate with every reader who relives the journey of his remarkable life.

Thirty Missions to Marie by Arthur G Capaldi

Thirty Missions to Marie

by Arthur G Capaldi
Edited by David Alan
Published: October 2016, Gatekeeper Press

It’s 1944 and the Eighth Air Force is gaining command of the skies over Europe. Liberators and Flying Fortresses—America’s heavy bombers—are raining death and destruction on German cities. The Allies are advancing toward the Rhine and into the heart of Nazi Germany.

This is the true story of Captain Edouard J. Jacques, Distinguished Flying Cross recipient, who, as a lead bombardier, flew thirty death-defying missions over Germany with the 755th Squadron, 458th Bomb Group of the Eighth Air Force. While attempting to save the world from tyranny, Ed pines to return home to his young bride, poignantly documented in his letters and memoirs, published in this book for the first time.

30 Missions to Marie is the story of love and war at 25,000 feet. Ed knows that each mission may be his last, but he perseveres. America and its allies, and particularly a special young woman in West Warwick, Rhode Island, are depending on him.

The Blue Hour by Vicki Righettini

The Blue Hour

by Vicki Righettini
Edited by Ana Howard
Published: November 2015, Mill City Press

The year is 1861, a time when women are expected to be married by a certain age. For that reason, 26-year-old spinster Emily Wainwright has no reason to believe her sheltered life in Springfield, Illinois will ever change--until the charming Samuel Todd unexpectedly crosses her path. Samuel yearns to homestead and start a family in Oregon, but to do so, he first needs to find a wife. Blinded by Samuel's good looks, and gasping at her final chance to have a husband and children, Emily accepts his marriage proposal. However, Emily soon learns that Samuel is the not the man she thought he was, and her marriage becomes a prison of coldness and cruelty, offering her no solace amidst the hardships of rural farm life. When Samuel dies and a second change at love and happiness arrives in the form of farmhand Cole Walker, Emily must overcome her bitter past--or risk losing Cole and the life she has always dreamed of having. An epic tale of love, loss, and redemption, The Blue Hour traces one woman's struggle to survive in the wilds of 1860s Oregon, as she simultaneously navigates the hidden wilderness of the human heart.

ACE by Rex Gooch


by Rex Gooch
Edited by David Alan
Published: April 2015, Lighthorse Publishing Company

Ace Cozzalio routinely entered battle wielding a saber while donning a white Cavalry hat and yellow scarf. But this wasn’t the 1860s. It was the 1960s, in the jungles of Vietnam.

Ace is an award-winning biography of maverick Ace Cozzalio, a bold and courageous U.S. Army helicopter pilot flying with Lighthorse Air Cavalry during the Vietnam War. In his eighteen-month tour of duty, Ace was shot down by enemy gunfire six times and was awarded every medal of valor with the exception of the Medal of Honor, some multiple times.

Authored by fellow Lighthorse Air Cavalry helicopter pilot Rex Gooch, this book relives Ace’s heroic exploits while fighting the enemy in the Mekong Delta—emphasizing the extraordinary character of this dedicated soldier hero. In reading these spellbinding, never-before-told stories, the reader gets a glimpse into who Ace Cozzalio was and why his dynamic presence was oftentimes the pivotal element that turned the tide against the enemy.

A relentless warrior and a natural-born leader, Ace was always leading the charge, winning the battle, and bringing the troops home safely. Confident and charismatic, he endeared himself to his fellow cavalry troopers, and the tales of his courageous deeds soon became legendary among soldiers and veterans. Now, his story is shared with the world.

In 2016, Ace was awarded the Bronze Medal in the Independent Publisher Book Awards, the world’s largest book awards contest, with over 5,000 entrants.

Moppin’ Floors to CEO: From Hopelessness and Failure to Happiness and Success by Dennis C. Miller

Moppin' Floors to CEO

by Dennis C. Miller
Edited by David Alan
Published: March 2016, AuthorHouse 

As a young man in Moppin' Floors to CEO: From Hopelessness and Failure to Happiness and Success, Dennis C. Miller faces overwhelming obstacles: an emotionally abusive father, physically abusive Catholic school teachers, bottom-of-the-class grades all the way through high school, and mental health issues that land him in Fair Oaks Psychiatric Hospital. Yet through his own perseverance and the help of caring individuals, Dennis begins a slow but sure ascent up the ladder of success. He starts with mopping floors at a Ramada Inn, gains admittance to an Ivy League university, and eventually becomes the CEO of a New Jersey hospital-which he transforms from a failing enterprise to a flourishing institution noted for its exemplary patient care. Tragedy befalls the hospital, and soon Dennis is being interviewed by Katie Couric, Wolf Blitzer, and Morley Safer. From there, he moves on to a new chapter in life, forming, in 2005, his own leadership consulting firm for nonprofit organizations, which he runs to this day.

In Moppin' Floors to CEO, Dennis mixes together the right ingredients for an engaging autobiography: a gut-honest recount of his highly eventful life, lots of engaging stories, and some valuable life lessons. We get to know Dennis while he entertains and enlightens us. Through his words and actions, Dennis shows us how anyone, even a troubled kid from New Jersey, can make it to the top and live a fulfilling life.