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Linda Deacon – Dissertation Statistics Help

Linda Deacon has served as an independent statistical consultant since 1985. She has coordinated the data management and statistical analysis of state and federally funded longitudinal and multi-center research. She has co-authored several articles published in the fields of medicine and psychology and has assisted in the editing of statistical textbooks and documentation for statistical software. …

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Bryan Hamilton

Statistics | Inferential Statistics | Psychology Statistics  Hypotheses Development | Research Design | Research Methods | Database Management | Statistical Analysis SPSS | STATA | SAS Dissertation & Thesis Consulting HELP for your Research Project from the Proposal to the Final Defense! [expand title="Introduction"]     It’s time. You need to start writing your Dissertation or …

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Rebecca Andrews – Biometrics – Non-parametric Statistical Methods

biometrics - nonparametric methods

DR. REBECCA ANDREWS holds a PhD in Biometrics and Statistics with specialization in non-parametric methods. With over 20 publications, she is the co-author and the biostatistician of studies published in top rank medical journals such as the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the American Journal of Public Health (AJPH) and Pediatric Emergency Care …

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Victoria Briones

Statistics Help for Graduate Students in Education and Psychology Psychometrics | Research Methods SPSS ~ ANOVA ~ LISREL ~ EQS “Victoria was amazing. She quickly understood the design and delivered excellent results. A huge help.”   Dr. Briones graduated with a PhD in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. While completing her graduate studies, she taught …

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Statistics Help | Quantitative Research Methods

    Statistics Consulting and Data Analysis Services Professional Statistics Services for Students, Researchers, and Business       Our statistics consultants are experts in a wide range of topics. Our goal is to match you with a statistics consultant who can help you with your data gathering, management, analysis, reporting, and presenting. Specialties include …

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Lynetta Campbell

Data Analysis Lynetta Campbell has a passion for finding the stories that are hidden in the numbers and for sharing this love of what statistics reveals with students at all levels.  She holds an M.S. in statistics, an M.S. in Mathematics, an M.S. in Management Science, and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. Lynetta worked twelve …

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