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All Editors Are Not Created Equal

book editor Rachel StoneBy Rachel Stone

When you are shopping around for an editor, your tendency might be, as in all things, to compare prices and to go with the lowest bidder. Buyer beware—especially in the field of editing.

All editors are indeed not created equal, and here are some of the things you might want to find out about your editor before you hire her.

How much experience does she have?
How much experience does she have in your genre?
What is her overall editing experience or publishing background?
Are her previous authors satisfied with her work?
What kind of editing does your manuscript require, and what are the different types of editing you can receive? And what are the different fees associated with the different types of editing?
What specific needs does your manuscript have (i.e., formatting, editing footnotes or reference lists) and will your editor include these types of editing in the overall price or charge additional?
What is the type of editing program used?
What will the project look like when you get it back? That is, will there be an edited file and a clean one with all changes incorporated?

In the professional world of editing, perhaps more than in other professions, you do get what you pay for, so don’t cheat yourself or your project by going for the lowest bidder, because in the end, it will be your work that pays the price.

Rachel Stone can edit in all genres, but specializes in memoirs, self-help, business books, religious books, and textbooks.

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