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Are You a First-Time Author? Never Fear!

book editor Rachel Stoneby Rachel Stone

Help is here—in the form of your editor.

It is definitely scary thinking of publishing for the first time, sharing your writing with someone else—in this case—your unseen audience somewhere “out there,” can be downright paralyzing. And you’re nervous that your grammar might not be quite right, or maybe your book isn’t organized correctly, or, maybe you have written too much and repeated yourself over and over again, and a countless number of other fears and insecurities about your writing haunt you. But you have something to say, and you want to get your message out, and maybe even help others facing similar situations as you have.

Don’t despair! Nine times out of ten your writing isn’t as bad as you think it is, and a good editor can help you smooth over the rough parts, fix your grammar, find your repetitions, suggest a better organization, and tell you what to delete (“You don’t really want to say that, do you?”).

And a good editor can guide you through the process and make it easier—even enjoyable. And the best of us try to make it a partnership that we hope will fulfill your hopes and dreams for writing (and publishing) that wonderful book you’ve worked so hard on for so long.


Rachel Stone can edit in all genres, but specializes in memoirs, self-help, business books, religious books, and textbooks.

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  1. Léautrou Alain says:

    I am French, I write an historic novel about France and all European countries linked with my country. I don’t want to be published in France with my real name. I am sure to have some big difficulties if the reality appear. I have diguised plenty of names and places names. Could you say me if my novel could be published after reading it. It is not finished now but quiet. Have you an internet address to receive my file?
    By advance, thank you for your answer.

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