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“Writing is the painting of the voice” – Voltaire

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We provide professional editing, writing, and proofreading services for fiction and nonfiction writers, and dissertation editing and statistics help for graduate students. Our professional services network includes over 30 book editors and proofreaders, indexers, book packagers, dissertation editors, and dissertation research statisticians.

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Note: This is a network of freelance editors & consultants who provide a pricing quote specifically for your project. The coordinator is not able to provide a price quote for them. Please use the quote form to have direct contact with the editor or consultant you would like to work with.

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"As a first time author I was quite aware of the possibility of being taken advantage of, but it was quickly clear that the services provided were not only legitimate, but highly professional. The frightening process of handing my first book over to someone to edit was made much less daunting by finding your network..."

"My advisor turned down my research proposal *for over a year!* Then I hired’s dissertation coaches to edit and advise. The fantastic bonus was the advice about how to manage my advisor! It smoothed a bad relationship. I passed!"

E. Gomez

"[H]e actually read what I was saying. In doing so, he was able to edit (by rephrasing, adding/deleting) my paper to make it more concise and professional. He returned my work quickly, and provided as much feedback and interaction as I needed. I would also add that I could have found a cheaper price elsewhere, but experience with on-line editing has taught me that getting the cheapest editing isn't worth the money."

G. Mahoney

"With a couple a bad experiences under my belt, I was very impressed with your professionalism. The coordinator was most helpful. My editor gave the most prompt and comprehensive answers to all my questions, was always available for consultations, and returned the work BEFORE the agreed upon deadlines. Her sense of humor and patience, added to her most proficient editorial skills, turned this project into a most pleasant experience."

"My statistician insured that my dissertation statistics were valid, my charts and graphs looked good and told the appropriate story to a broad audience. I was able to present my findings in a scholarly manner and discuss the numbers in comfort and great detail!"

Dr. Gabrielle

"You were absolutely correct!! My advisor accepted my proposal after I incorporated your changes and recommendations and it is now in the hands of my committee. Your guidance and counsel changed a frustrating situation into a success!"

Peter Charles

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