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“What’s Wrong with My Story?” Part 2.

By Marlo Garner The most common narrative mistakes I see include: Stories that start in one place with one problem, then continue and/or end in a completely different place with quite a different problem solved. A story about a quest for a friend suddenly becomes a story about dealing with a bully. The protagonist changes …

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Why One Author Decided to Self-Publish: Hyperbole by Ryan Parmenter

by Marie Valentine, editor In one of the best books I’ve had the pleasure of editing, Ryan Parmenter had me grinning and grimacing while reading Hyperbole, laughing through the bleakness of the comedy. In a dystopian “post-7/11” world, people swallow black boxes that reveal their deepest secrets when they die. The book reveals and revels …

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“What’s Wrong With My Story?” Part 1.

By Marlo Garner You just can’t quite put your finger on it. Something’s not right about your picture book text. You’ve written and rewritten, revised and tweaked. You have fabulous, well-rounded characters, the language sings, and the hilarious gags only underline the importance and depth of your theme. You had some POV issues, but you’ve …

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71 Twitter Hashtags All Authors Should Know

[fancy_header3]Children and YA[/fancy_header3] #kidlit #kidlitchat #MGLit (middle grade lit) #SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) #yalitchat [fancy_header3]Publishing[/fancy_header3] #publishing #askagent #pubtip #askauthor #getpublished #indieauthors #indiepub [fancy_header3]When you quote a line from a novel[/fancy_header3] #novelines [fancy_header3]Poetry[/fancy_header3] #poetry #poem #poet #poetrymonth [fancy_header3]E-Books[/fancy_header3] #ebook #kindle #sony #nook #pubit #smashwords #kobo #bookbuzzr #freado #ipad #amazon #kindlechat [fancy_header3]Your Readers[/fancy_header3] …

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How to Be the CEO of your Dissertation

Selecting Your Advisor and Composing the Committee Digital repositories, university libraries, academic blogs, and, yes, even Amazon.com offer more than a large dumpster load of “how to” this and “how to” that of completing a doctorate, much of which targets the “all but dissertation” (ABD) candidate. It is not my intent by invoking the image …

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