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Hiring a Dissertation Writing Mentor Can Reduce the Cost of Your Graduate Degree, Part 2

by Dr. Gary Michaels Part 2 : The solution   Part Two : The Solution The answer can be quite simple and inexpensive. My remedy revolves around the role of the mentor. Here’s why. At the beginning of every semester, professors generally meet with their graduate students either one-on-one or in a group as a …

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Hiring a Dissertation Writing Mentor Can Reduce the Cost of Your Graduate Degree

by Dr. Gary Michaels Navigating the intricacies of any graduate program can be difficult. It’s not that colleges and universities arrange their graduate programs to mirror crop circles, but rather, there is so much more for the average graduate student to do. Different ways of accomplishing some of the same tasks are also plentiful. Course …

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Writing Violence: It’s All in the Details

Michael Carr Book Editing Associates I used to wonder what makes talented writers lose their grip the moment they try to portray physical aggression. They’ve been moving the story along beautifully, with convincing characters in gripping, realistic situations. Then suddenly, at the first hint of violence, something comes over them, and reality goes right out …

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New Fiction Book Review: Prepared by Lindsay K. Mason

Prepare yourself for some morbid laughs; self-published author desired control over the product, quicker release by Marie Valentine Author Lindsay K. Mason (photo left) “Prepared,” the debut literary fiction novel from Lindsay K. Mason, features the intertwined lives of a colorful staff of morticians. If you enjoy slightly morbid human stories told with compassion and …

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Why Do We Need to Know the Data Distribution to Do Our Analyses?

by Vicki Lawrence Why do we need to know the data distribution to do our analyses? We need to know how the data are distributed to determine the most appropriate statistical analyses to use. When the outcome variable is continuous (interval/ratio), linear regression is a common method to use. When the outcome variable is dichotomous …

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Dialog tag adverbs—You don’t need them.

By Don McClaire Back in my newbie years I heard someplace that I should eliminate –ly words—adverbs that qualify our characters’ utterances—from dialogue tags. I had no idea why, but that was the common advice, so I accepted it. Later, I realized my writing was sharper. But why would that be? Years later, while writing …

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