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Which Style Guide Applies?

Nancy Rosenbaum Thesis and Dissertation Editing Services APA Format | APA Style Students pursuing doctoral degrees are frequently required to submit a dissertation—scholarly written work that contributes to the knowledge base in the field by adding new information, reinforcing existing information, or refuting historical information. Masters degree candidates are expected to submit theses or capstones …

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APA Format 101 | by Nancy Rosenbaum | APA Style Editing Services

Nancy Rosenbaum Students pursuing doctoral degrees or master’s degrees in nursing, education, business, health, psychology, and other social sciences are typically required to follow APA format. So what is APA format? APA format is the style encouraged by the American Psychological Association, as detailed in Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, various addenda, and …

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Business Writing 101

Barbara von Diether, EdD The Problem Enlightened organizations throughout the world are embracing the concept of total quality management (TQM), but at a time when many organizations ask their employees to “do it right the first time to improve productivity” the application of TQM to writing is overlooked. In fact, memos, letters, reports, instructions, proposals, …

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APA Format v. Your University’s Style Guide

by Nancy Rosenbaum | APAWriting.com Nancy provides professional APA editing services for students in the thesis or dissertation writing process. http://bit.ly/1eO9C9a University Peculiarities Is APA format the be-all and end-all of styles for dissertations? No! Depending on the university and program for which you are preparing your dissertation, you may be required to follow additional …

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Points of View | POV

By Theodora Bryant Point of view, or POVs, are just about the trickiest of all the writing techniques one has to master to master the craft. Second only, I think, to “show,” don’t “tell.” Most of you know there are three basic POVs: First person (1PPOV), Second person (2PPOV), and Third person (3PPOV), subtitled as 3PPOV-limited …

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