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How Alien Should Your Aliens Be?

By Floyd Largent “Now my own suspicion is, the Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.” – J.B.S. Haldane, British biologist. One of the greatest advantages of science fiction is that it’s the literature of ideas—that it’s not limited in ways that other types of fiction can be, especially …

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Show Kids, Don’t Tell Them

By Marlo Garner One of the most important tenets of good writing you’ll ever employ is the “Show, don’t tell” rule. Basically put, writing has more power, creates more interest, and better engages readers when you let them draw their own conclusions. Showing allows the reader to experience the story through what they observe including …

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Ghostwriting vs. Heavy Developmental Edit


Kelly Lynne Book Editor | Paranormal Romance At a recent panel discussion with the Central Oregon Writer’s Guild, I fielded a question I hadn’t heard before: What is the difference between ghostwriting and a heavy developmental edit? The knee-jerk answer is that one is writing for someone else, the other is fixing someone else’s writing, …

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What to Look for in an Independent Editor

horror book editor Amy Bennet

Amy Bennet Developmental Editor | Book Editing Associates Science Fiction Editor and Author Developmental Content Editor Marketing Materials Including Elevator Pitches Agent Query Packages A good editor will have relevant work experience and testimonials from published authors who have worked with her. She will ask what your goals are and customize her work to fit …

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Activate Your Prose

Avoid Passive Sentences for More Engaging Stories By Editor John David Kudrick If you’re a serious novelist, then you’ve likely heard the maxim, “Write active sentences and avoid the passive.” It’s a popular recommendation from editors for one simple reason: It’s true. Let’s take a look at a few examples of passive sentences: The dolphins …

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