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Month: January 2016

Are You a First-Time Author? Never Fear!

book editor Rachel Stone

by Rachel Stone Help is here—in the form of your editor. It is definitely scary thinking of publishing for the first time, sharing your writing with someone else—in this case—your unseen audience somewhere “out there,” can be downright paralyzing. And you’re nervous that your grammar might not be quite right, or maybe your book isn’t …

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The Joy of Steampunk

by Floyd Largent Back in 1816, during the dismal “Year Without a Summer” caused by an eruption of Indonesia’s Mount Tambora, young Mary Wollstonecraft Clairmont was visiting in Geneva with her soon-to-be husband, poet Percy Blythe Shelley, and their friends, writers Lord Byron and John Polidori. When Byron suggested they each write a horror story, …

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Setting the Scene in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror

horror book editor Amy Bennet

by Amy Bennet Developmental Book Editor Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror Often I see a science fiction or fantasy story that starts like this: a handful of paragraphs of description that slowly start to explain how the world works, and who the characters are. The problem is that there is no problem. See instead the following …

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