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MOBI versus EPUB: Things to Consider When Self-Publishing Your E-book

by Holly Monty Self-publishing book authors are confronted with a wealth of information about how to self-publish their books. One decision a self-publisher needs to make is whether to self-publish an e-book version and, if so, where. Kindle is a must for all self-publishers. Kindle books (in their corresponding MOBI format) are exclusively sold and …

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Starting, Surviving, and Completing Your Dissertation: Moving Beyond the ABD Status

By Bryan Hamilton, M.A. Dissertation Statistics Services DissertationAdvisors.com – HelpWithStatistics.com Have you ever found yourself spending a day doing everything else you can think of except working on your dissertation? Many, if not most, graduate students have a difficult time getting started, persevering, and finishing the dissertation process. You are not alone. There are many …

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40 Questions from a Would-Be Client

book editor Stacey Donovan

by Stacey Donovan Editor’s note: Based on a true story. Identifying characteristics in regard to plot, setting, gender, and genre have been changed to protect the innocent wannabe novelist. Potential client’s introduction Please indulge me the following questions about you and your services. To those who’ve already given generously of your time (after editing my …

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How to Introduce Secondary Characters

by Ana Howard Good novels feature well-developed, sympathetic, and multi-dimensional characters. Not only is a fine protagonist essential, richly drawn secondary characters are needed as well. Many authors struggle with introducing secondary characters into their novels, and while there are no set “rules” these guidelines may help make sure that players new to the book …

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How to Write a Project Proposal

by Gary Michaels Throughout my 25 years of professorship, I assigned, instructed, demonstrated, advised, supervised, and ultimately graded well over 5,000 project proposals created and submitted by my students. Even though I provided many examples of what an excellent project should look like, less than one percent of those submitted landed in the exceptional category. …

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To Cuss or Not to Cuss?

Handling Profanity as a Christian Novelist By Editor John David Kudrick “I’m a Christian who typically doesn’t use profanity, but that doesn’t stop me from allowing my fictional characters to cuss if they want to.” If you’re a novelist whose first love is Jesus, then the preceding quotation may have your eyes popping wide open, …

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10 Questions Answered by a Freelance Editor

Proofreader and Editor Marie Valentine discusses best clients, fave fiction, perks of the job, and her journey into editing   What do you like most about your job as a freelance writer/editor? I am so lucky to do what I love. The best part is the variety of amazing manuscripts I get to read. I enjoy …

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