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The Key to a Successful Edit

by Caroline Hiley, Professional Book Editor, Copy Editor, Proofreader The simplest path to a satisfying editing job is for the author and editor to TALK TO EACH OTHER. That may seem obvious, but I’m constantly amazed by how often the two parties fail to communicate, and end up unhappy with the process and/or the result. “Writer” …

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Why Does It Take So Long to Edit My Book?

by Floyd Largent, editor While most writers are patient about the length of the book editing process, I suspect every editor has had clients who have pestered them to “Just get on with it” and “Hurry up, already.” Those are usually the same ones unhappy with the results, because you’ve had to scurry and not do …

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I Want to Publish My Book NOW!!!


Patience, Grasshopper. Publishing a book takes time to do right. Rushing your product to market does not often end well. by Kelly Lynne, developmental editor You have spent the last however many months/years writing your Great American Novel. It’s done—hooray! You’ve looked into traditional publishing and all the other avenues and have decided that self-publishing …

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Too Many Cooks …

by Caroline Hiley … spoil the broth, as the saying goes. This is as true for novel writing as it is for cooking. In other words, getting too much feedback on your novel-in-process can scramble both the book and your head. On one hand, every writer needs to show their work to someone and get …

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Don’t Write a Script When You’re Trying to Write a Novel


by Carly Cantor One of the problems I see in many novels I edit is that they feel more like scripts than novels. This is most often the case for plot-driven stories. The sense I get is that the writer is actually envisioning a movie while writing the novel. (Perhaps even picturing particular actors for …

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Lie and Get Laid

Lay vs lie & the trouble with “awhile” by James Powell Writing creatively requires a state of passion unrestricted by rules, a sense of boundary melting that shares borders with bar-hopping and slow dancing. This is why William Faulkner recounted, “One day I seemed to shut the door between me and all publisher’s addresses and …

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Editing vs. Editing vs. Editing

by Caroline Hiley, editor Part of finding the right editor for your work is sharing the same vocabulary. The publishing industry has not standardized its terms for the various types of editing; so it’s up to the indie author and the indie editor to make sure they understand each other when the time comes to …

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Literary Journals and The Writing Community


by Alice Day, Book Editing Associates Literary journals have a long stately history. Do you know that Ralph Waldo Emerson edited the literary magazine The Dial? The rise of the literary journal can be traced to the mid-twentieth century. Some journals that exist today started back then, such as The Paris Review. From the seventies to …

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There’s “Editing,” and Then There’s Professional Book Editing

book editor and author David Alan

By David Alan, editor I recently received two memoir manuscripts, both authored by corporate executives—a man and a woman. “I just want you to review it for content,” said the male exec. “You don’t need to edit it. It has already been edited.” “It just needs to be proofread for typos,” the woman insisted. “It …

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Writers’ Conferences

children's book editor Marlo Garner

By Marlo Garner, Children’s Book Editor It’s that time of year when many of my writer and illustrator friends and I are deep in preparation for what many of us consider the highlight our creative year—our regional Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) conference. As an aside, if you’re serious about writing for kids—if …

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