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What You Should Know Before Working with an Indexer


Lydia Jason Book Editing Associates How is an index created? Generally speaking, an indexer starts at the beginning of a book’s formal content (after prefaces and introductions) and reads through the entire book while simultaneously creating the first draft of an index by entering concepts and terminology and noting locations during the reading. After this …

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Serious Novelists Must Read

Learn the Land of Fiction by Reading Every Day By Editor John David Kudrick One of my favorite quotes on the craft of fiction comes from On Writing by Stephen King: “If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time (or tools) to write.” This quote came in King’s section on his …

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What It Takes to Be a Good Editor, Part II

by Floyd Largent, book editor In my last blog, I discussed some of the basics of what it takes to be a good editor: voracious habits of reading and writing, a thorough grounding in the tropes of the genres one works in, and simple experience—the quality that comes with quantity. But while those factors are …

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What It Takes to Be a Good Editor, Part I

by Floyd Largent, book editor As a writer, you probably know it’s always best to get at least one unbiased person to review your manuscript before you submit it to a publisher or agent. In fact, that’s probably why you’re checking out this website. And as you wander through these pages, you may be wondering …

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Coming Late to the Party and Leaving Early: How to Structure a Scene

by David Henderson, book editor The characters in your novel are busy, and it’s your fault. After all, it is you who have brought them into existence just to plunge them into some sort of all-encompassing conflict, and as they move about their imaginary lives in pursuit of their objective(s), contending with the various setbacks, …

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APA Style Research Report Sections

Sarah Jaymes

APA Writing Consultant APA Dissertation Editor When I taught college composition courses, I asked my students to use APA style report divisions (i.e., Literature Review, Method, Results, Discussion, and Conclusions sections) to organize their research reports. Few students in the composition courses were majoring in the social or behavioral sciences or were entering careers in …

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From Dissertation To Peer-Reviewed Publication

PS Rosenbaum

By PS Rosenbaum, PhD Dissertation Writing Consultant – Dissertation Editor The act of shaping a journal article from a successful doctoral dissertation will benefit from prior thought at several different levels: (a) selecting a journal, (b) understanding the requisite structure of the article, (c) anticipating the peer-review, and (d) achieving scholarly credibility in all aspects of …

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