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Thoughts on Writers Conferences

By Editor John David Kudrick One question I encounter somewhat regularly from authors is: “Should I attend a writers conference?” Before I actually attended a writers conference myself, I would have likely responded with questions about what the author hoped to accomplish by attending, if it would be a financial burden for them, etc. Now, …

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Where to Start with Editing?

by Amy Bennet, editor As a writer, I get it. You’ve worked hard on your book. You just want to know if it’s good, and if there are things you can do to make it better. You have options when it comes to editing. Developmental editing, also called content editing or substantive editing, is a …

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Affordable Writers’ Conferences

Writing Conferences through 2017 by Editing-Writing.com Affordability is in the eye of the beholder, but these are less expensive than other conferences. April: North Carolina Writers Conference – 4/22 early registration ends 4/16 $150 scholarships: resume and letter of interest to ed@ncwriters.org by 4/7 Spring Big Apple 2017 – 4/22 $185, NYC Travel and Words – 4/23-25 Experienced track: $175, …

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How to Make a Book Editor Smile

David Alan Editing-Writing.com Book-Editing.com For 20 years I worked as an editor for Publications International managing book projects and copy editing manuscripts. Whenever a writer sent me a document for the first time, I opened it with conflicting emotions. Part of me was excited, as if I were opening a present on Christmas morning; yet …

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The Care and Cultivation of the Writer-Editor Relationship

Book Editing Associates Book-Editing.com Editing-Writing.com ChildrensBookEditors.com Freelance Network Coordinator: Lynda Lotman Editorial contributors: Rachel Stone, Marlo Garner, Kelly Lynne Be honest—about everything: your comfort level regarding editorial input, your budget, and your deadline date. Your preferred editors may turn down your submission if your budget and deadline aren’t realistic. If you’re flexible, say so in your submission. …

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How to Teach an Old Genre New Tricks

By Hannah Earthman Remember all those pulse-pounding dystopias and dramas with animal characters you read as a tween? No? Yeah, me neither. For ’80s and ’90s kids, growing out of Little Golden Books and “early readers” into lengthy chapter books also basically meant growing out of stories in which animals were the main characters. It’s …

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The Logic of Literature

Alan Jeffries

by Alan Jeffries, Developmental Editor – Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Young Adult Adventure I am a developmental editor specializing in genre fiction, and have been for most of my life in publishing (which began as a journalist and small press editor/publisher back in the early Eighties). Aside from a work’s core concept (this key bit of …

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Why Should I Hire a Consultant to Help with My Dissertation Proposal?

(Isn’t that what my dissertation chair and committee are for?) by Richard Pollard, Ph.D. I’ve worked with a lot of doctoral students over the years and, until recently, I didn’t know anyone who had hired a dissertation consultant. But, in retrospect, many of the candidates who never finished their doctorates, or who took way too …

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