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Why Editors?

by Karin Graham Recently, the New York Times notified their editorial staff that they were going to lay off buy out half of them. So the editorial staff published an open letter to Executive Editor Dean Baquet and Managing Editor Joe Kahn. In it, they describe some of what we editors actually do. In fact, we feel more respected by our …

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The Author/Editor Dyad

by Caroline Hiley Everyone who creates a work of art, literary or otherwise, needs an editor. Why? Because creation involves different mentalities than craft; and rare is the artist who has the left brain/right brain balance to be creator and audience at the same time. All the arts employ someone whose job is to complement …

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Behind Closed Publishing House Doors: How Publication Decisions Are Made

by Rachel Stone Did you ever wonder how or why publishers publish what they do? As an industry insider—executive, manager, and editor for over 35 years—I can give you the lowdown. Actually, it’s what you think it is, and the answer is pretty simple: MONEY. These are some of the questions publishers ask themselves when …

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Simultaneous Submissions: What’s the Deal Here?

by Floyd Largent The modern writer is as much artisan as artist, creating entertainment and elucidation from little more than imagination, research, and electrons. But creation may be the easiest aspect of the writer’s life, especially among those who write short stories “on spec,” with no guarantee of publication. Next comes the harsh and often …

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Top 5 Reasons You Need a Professional Beta Reader


Book Editing Associates A beta reader, at the behest of an author, reviews and provides feedback on a work of fiction before it is submitted to agents or publishers. Beta readers, like “beta testers” in the software industry, look for inherent flaws in a product before it is released. Beta readers might be authors’ mothers, …

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