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Biostatistics | Biometrics

Specialized Statistics Services for Biology, Pharmaceutical, and Demographic Researchers

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Our biostatistics consultants can help:

  • develop research question(s)
  • design the research methods
  • validate surveys
  • analyze data using quantitative techniques
  • interpret your findings
  • prepare tables and graphs
  • address the comments of reviewers and editors

Medical, Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Research

  • Does a treatment show the desired response? Are there side effects?
  • How effective or toxic is a chemical compound?
  • Can diseases be diagnosed automatically on the basis of suitable measurements?
  • What sample size is needed in a study to properly test for an effect?

Population Genetics and Demography

  • What is the effect of frequency-dependent selection on allele frequencies?
  • How does the morphology of a taxon change through the fossil record?
  • How are different species related?

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