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Out of Egypt by Said Shehata, M.D.
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Out of Egypt

by Said Shehata, M.D.
Edited by David Alan
Published: February 2016, Gatekeeper Press

In his autobiography Out of Egypt, Said Shehata, M.D., recounts his upbringing in Egypt as well as his medical education, participation in the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, and subsequent departure from Egypt to England. Shehata further recalls his immigration to the United States and his private practice in the U.S., with elaboration on the difficulties that foreign medical graduates and immigrants face. The details of his success in private practice and investments, until retirement in the year 2000, are informative and inspiring. The events that unfold in Shehata’s life, which run the gamut from tragic to shocking to triumphant, will resonate with every reader who relives the journey of his remarkable life.