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Living the Publishing Dream

Editor Marie Valentine discusses books with self-publishers in this series. Here she talks to Caroline Robinson, blogger and author of a ghost story who is navigating the publishing world on her own terms. Book Editing Associates editors frequently work with self-published authors. Writers have myriad reasons as diverse as their books for self-publishing. Caroline Robinson self-published her first book …

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Update on Epublishing

By Beth Bruno, book editor Book Editing Associates Editing-Writing.com It happened to me for the first time about three years ago. One of the authors whose manuscript I edited sent me an ebullient email message that her book had been published. I congratulated her and asked for an autographed copy. “Sorry,” she wrote back, “but …

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MOBI versus EPUB: Things to Consider When Self-Publishing Your E-book

by Holly Monty Self-publishing book authors are confronted with a wealth of information about how to self-publish their books. One decision a self-publisher needs to make is whether to self-publish an e-book version and, if so, where. Kindle is a must for all self-publishers. Kindle books (in their corresponding MOBI format) are exclusively sold and …

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Rita Rosenkranz, Literary Agent par excellence

By Beth Bruno, freelance book editor Rita Rosenkranz, literary agent in New York City, represents almost exclusively adult non-fiction titles, including health, history, parenting, music, how-to, popular science, business, biography, memoir, popular reference, cooking, spirituality, sports and general interest titles. Rita works with major publishing houses, as well as regional publishers that handle niche markets. …

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Book Review: Scenic Utah by Mike Bahl

  Review of Scenic Utah by Mike Bahl with author interview by Marie Valentine, Editor Mike Bahl and I became friends when I published two of his stories in a chapbook collaboration for a publishing festival in Milwaukee. I expressed admiration for Mike’s writing and offered to be his early reader and editor. He’s become …

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71 Twitter Hashtags All Authors Should Know

[fancy_header3]Children and YA[/fancy_header3] #kidlit #kidlitchat #MGLit (middle grade lit) #SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) #yalitchat [fancy_header3]Publishing[/fancy_header3] #publishing #askagent #pubtip #askauthor #getpublished #indieauthors #indiepub [fancy_header3]When you quote a line from a novel[/fancy_header3] #novelines [fancy_header3]Poetry[/fancy_header3] #poetry #poem #poet #poetrymonth [fancy_header3]E-Books[/fancy_header3] #ebook #kindle #sony #nook #pubit #smashwords #kobo #bookbuzzr #freado #ipad #amazon #kindlechat [fancy_header3]Your Readers[/fancy_header3] …

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