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How to Promote Your Children’s Book

Lisa Balthazar Book Editing Associates After you’ve written a children’s book, you have to sell it — you didn’t spend all that time and effort just to entertain yourself, did you? Try to accomplish one of the following tasks each week to help your labor of love blossom to life in the marketplace: Add new …

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Writers’ Conferences

children's book editor Marlo Garner

By Marlo Garner, Children’s Book Editor It’s that time of year when many of my writer and illustrator friends and I are deep in preparation for what many of us consider the highlight our creative year—our regional Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) conference. As an aside, if you’re serious about writing for kids—if …

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Why You Need a Children’s Picture Book Editor

By Marlo Garner, Children’s Book Editor ChildrensBookEditors.com Book Editing Associates Editing-Writing.com You’ve always wanted to do it, and now you finally have. It’s an exhilarating, wonderful feeling, and you have every reason to feel proud. You’ve written that children’s picture book—and you’re fired up and ready to publish. But stop. Before you slip your manuscript …

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“What’s Wrong with My Story?” Part 2.

By Marlo Garner The most common narrative mistakes I see include: Stories that start in one place with one problem, then continue and/or end in a completely different place with quite a different problem solved. A story about a quest for a friend suddenly becomes a story about dealing with a bully. The protagonist changes …

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Connecting With Kindred Spirits

Writers and illustrators often work alone. But it’s important for them to connect with others in their field. Colleagues can provide you with inspiration, or perhaps after comparison you realize that your own situation is not quite so bleak. Your fellow illustrators can help you solve problem or support you on the way to finding …

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