Manuscript critiques, publishing evaluations, line editing, copy editing, content/developmental editing, proofreading, query letters

Fiction: novels, young adult, children’s
Nonfiction: memoirs, history, sports, biographies, military, politics

David AlanDAVID ALAN has edited more than 200 books and authored nearly 100 books for 30 publishers, including St. Martin’s Press, HarperCollins, Lyons Press, Random House, Running Press, Warner Books, Total/Sports Illustrated, and Scholastic. His books have generated more than $20 million in revenue and have appeared on the Today show, The Early Show, CNN, MSNBC, and NPR. His rating on is 4.21 based on nearly 3,000 ratings.

“Excellence is his habit,” asserted publisher Les Krantz, “and everybody I’ve teamed him up with (my clients, my authors, namely) loves to work with him. They are very vocal about it.”

David edited the award-winning The Holocaust Chronicle, which earned a letter of commendation from Vice President Al Gore. CBS anchorman Harry Smith said on The Early Show about David’s Civil Rights Chronicle, “This should be in every home in America.” After reviewing that book, Walter Cronkite agreed to write the foreword for David’s next effort, The Sixties Chronicle.

The Murder of Emmett Till, which David authored, was assigned reading for journalism students at New York University. He cowrote JFK Day by Day, which was featured on Today with Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira. He has penned biographies on such individuals as Harvey Milk, Magic Johnson, Malala Yousafzai, Mitt Romney, Eminem, Malcolm X, Alex Rodriguez, and Amy Winehouse.

David has edited the writing of many scholars and such esteemed Americans as John Eisenhower, Margaret Truman, U.S. congressman John Lewis, and U.S. senators Daniel Inouye and Ben Nighthorse Campbell. He has written thousands of MLB and NFL player bios for The Topps Company.

David would love to help YOU get your book published.

What David Can Do for You

  • Evaluate your manuscript and suggest what he and you could do to get it “publish ready.”
  • Edit the manuscript to the point where it can be published as is.
  • Help you write a polished query letter for publishers and/or literary agents.
  • Offer publishing advice (traditional and self-) and marketing advice.




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“Mr. Alan went beyond just editing he was paid for and gave sound advice. He was beyond helpful and answered all of my questions in a matter of minutes. His skills as an editor are only exceeded by his helpfulness and frankness. I would highly recommend his services to any writer he chose to work with. As a novice writer, the network was the ultimate resource for the thing my writing was sorely in need of, professional outside advice and editing.” Brennan Morton

“David Alan is one of the most reliable and qualified copyeditors and proofreaders I have worked with in my many years in publishing. His attention to detail, his consistent and conscientious approach to the text, and his organizational skills ensure that the material he submits on editing projects is always of utmost quality.” Josh Leventhal, publisher, MVP Books

“David Alan has been working for me and with me for about 10 years on a freelance basis. He’s always on time, and he’s a person of great integrity and honesty. He is in some ways amazing in the quantity and quality of work he can put into a day. He gets right on things, never makes excuses, and frankly never has to. Excellence is his habit, and everybody I’ve teamed him up with (my clients, my authors, namely) loves to work with him. They are very vocal about it. His work ethic and his creativity distinguish him from others I’ve worked with, and I’ve worked with the best. In addition to excellent editorial and writing skills, he’s an idea man extraordinaire. A dozen original and successful books have emerged from him in the last few years.” Les Krantz, publisher/president, Facts That Matter, Inc.