Floyd LargentI’m your basic all-around generalist writer and content editor. Most things interest me, and if they interest me enough, I write about them. I’m firmly convinced that a good writer can write anything well, and I hope my career proves that. I’m ready to help you with yours.

In the twenty-odd (very odd) years since I first realized that I was more articulate with a pen than with my mouth, I’ve written just about everything a writer can: gags, letters of character and recommendation, book and music reviews, press releases, poetry, short stories, novels, non-fiction, how-to, a play, software user manuals, web content, marketing copy, brochures, flyers, queries, book proposals, academic papers, academic theses, you name it. I’m intimately familiar with technical writing, having worked as a technical writer/editor for ten years. I’ve even published my own e-book about fiction marketing (100 Great Places to Sell Your Short Stories, Both On and Off the Web), which also includes pointers on basic manuscript mechanics and submission.

I’m educated as a historian and anthropologist, so when I write non-fiction I tend to stick to those subjects, although I have a wide range of interests and can write authoritatively on just about anything after conducting the necessary research. With fiction, my first love is science fiction/fantasy, though I’ve dabbled in mystery and mainstream as well. In addition to my e-book, I’m the proud author of hundreds of published non-fiction articles, both in print and on the web, as well as two published SF stories. My non-fiction work has appeared in many of the major U.S. history magazines, including America’s Civil War, Military History, Wild West, Old West, American History, and Persimmon Hill.

I’m not an agent and can’t replace one, but I can certainly show you ways to make your copy more pleasing to an editor’s eyes.

Editing Services


My career as a content editor has been nearly as varied as my basic writing career. I’ve edited and rewritten academic papers, marketing copy, web content, short stories, brochures, book-length manuscripts, and many, many technical reports. I enjoy working with other writers, and am particularly gratified when I can impart some of my hard-won knowledge of manuscript mechanics and submission. I’m not an agent and can’t replace one, but I can certainly show you ways to make your copy more pleasing to an editor’s eyes.

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My Published Authors


Alexander, George P. (writing as Henri Novalis). The  Aristeia. Philisophical novel. Warren H. Green, New York.

Broughton, David. 2012. Frozen in Time. Mystery/Thriller. Amazon Digital Services (e-book only).

Broughton, Kimber (pen name of David Broughton). 2012. To Hell and Back: My Life as an Abused Husband. Memoir. iUniverse, Bloomington, IN.

Edun, Terah. 2013. Sworn to Raise: Book One of Courtlight. Young Adult Fantasy. Amazon Digital Services (e-book only).

Edun, Terah, 2012. Red Madrassa: Book One of the Algardis. Young Adult Fantasy. Amazon Digital Services (e-book only).

Fydell, Ian. 2010. Breathing Space: Book One of the Exodus Trilogy. Science Fiction. Legwork Team Publishing, New York.

Halza, Miroslav. 2011. Church, Bride, and Wife. Religious. Authorhouse, Bloomington, IN.

Halza, Miroslav, 2006. The Chronology of Revelation. Religious. Xulon House Publishing.

Marino, Thomas. 2009. Tomorrow May Be Too Late: a Love Story. Memoir. Charleston, SC.

McCrary, J, Author. 2009. Brotherhood and Bartered Souls. Dark Fantasy. iUniverse, Bloomington, IN.

Potter, George L. 2011. Death in the Empty Quarter. Mystery/Thriller. Crimson Star Publishing, Charleston, SC.

Potter, George L. 2011. In Search of the Yellow Dog. Mystery/Thriller. Crimson Star Publishing, Charleston, SC.

Rundquist, Marie. 2012. Cajun by any Other Name: Recovering the Lost History of a Family and a People. Family History. Infinity Books, Conshohocken, PA.

Stack, Laura, 2012. What To Do When There’s Too Much to Do. Business/Productivity. Berrett-Koehler, New York.

Stack, Laura. 2010. SuperCompetent. Business/Productivity. Wiley and Sons, New York.

Stack, Laura, 2008. The Exhaustion Cure. Business/Productivity.  Broadway Books, New York.

Webb, Billy G. 2010. Secret War. History. Xlibris Corporation, Bloomington, IN.

Willen, Erik Martin. Nastragull: Pirates. Space Opera. Amazon Digital Services (e-book version); CreateSpace (paperback version).


Published Articles and Short Stories


Largent, F., 1985. “Haiku Cycle: A Deer Herd” (poem). Sanctum Quarterly, Fall 1985.

Largent, F., 1986. “Haiku Cycle: Homeward Bound” (poem). Poetic Symphony: Music from the Heart, p. 64, edited by Lincoln Stevens.

Largent. F., 1987. “Mindscape” (short story). Trajectories 1(4):26-28.

Largent, F.B. Jr, 1988. “Soviet Science Fiction: The Flip Side of Socialist Realism” (factual essay). Science Fiction Research Association Newsletter, Fall 1989.

Largent, F., 1989. “The Birds” (poem). Litmus: The Literary Arts Journal of Texas A&M, 1989 edition.

Largent, F., 1989. “Gears of Knowledge” (poem). The Unknowns, Spring 1989.

Largent, F. B. Jr. 1994. “Canine Identification.” The Trapper and Predator Caller. July 1994, pp. 40-41.

Largent, F. B., 1994. “Guns for the Union: The Starr Arms Company, 1856-1867” (article). America’s Civil War, September 1994, pp. 24-26.

Largent, F., 1995. “Fort Buford: Guardian of the Northern Frontier” (article). True West, June 1995, pp. 23-28.

Largent, F., 1995. “The Chief’s Mother: The Life of Cynthia Ann Parker” (article). Persimmon Hill, Autumn 1995.

Largent, F., 1996. “Grant’s Indian: The Life of Ely Samuel Parker, Seneca Chief and Union General” (article). America’s Civil War, September 1996, pp. 54-60. Also published electronically on The History Net (

Largent, F., 1996. “Dr. Le Mat’s Extraordinary Confederate Grapeshot Revolver” (article). Military History, October 1996, pp.74-78. Also published electronically on The History Net (

Krapf, K.A. and F. Largent, 1996. “The Black Seminole Indian Scouts in Texas” (article). Persimmon Hill, Winter 1996, pp. 73-75.

Largent, F., 1997. “The San Patricio Battalion: American Deserters in the Mexican-American War.” True West, August 1997, pp. 35-40.

Largent, F., 1998. “Windigo: A Native American Archetype.” Parabola: Myth, Tradition, and the Search for Meaning. Fall 1998, pp. 22-25. (This article has been reprinted several times on the Internet and has been collected in a literary database maintained by SIRS Mandarin, Inc.)

Largent, F., 1998. “Fatal Contact: the Fort Parker Massacre, 1836.” True West. December 1998 issue.

Largent, Floyd B., Jr., 1999. “The Florida Quagmire.” American History, October 1999, pp. 40-43.

Author Feedback


“I knew the very first time Floyd and I spoke that he had the warmth in his heart to understand the memories and remarkable love that Natalie and I share, and he graced my manuscript with his warmth. Floyd did not alter my words; he helped me bring meaning, elegance, and articulation to them so my readers might have the same feelings in their hearts that Natalie and I do. Floyd is a remarkable editor and friend, and I hope I have the opportunity to work with him again.” R. Fitch

“A publisher has said YES! I want to applaud all your editing and hard work with my memoir. I am privileged to have such a dedicated editor. My book is set for publishing and my gratitude to you is beyond words!” Doris Mercado

“I had struggled for seven months trying to find a copy editor amongst the people I knew. What a waste of time! I finally decided to reach for professional services and found the website It’s saved my life! In a couple of hours, I received emails from copy editors sending me samples of their work using the first pages of my story. I chose Floyd and I am very happy with my decision. I was able to communicate with him by phone, which reassured me, I like to talk to “˜real people’ especially if they are supposed to be taking care of my baby (story). Floyd is very professional. He returned the edited story on time and even made an extra pass to it. Thank you also Floyd for your enthusiasm!” Stephanie Batailler, writer

“Floyd is one of the most conscientious editors-people I’ve met. He assumes much responsibility in his work and always makes himself available. His recommendations are insightful, helpful, and offered with the same consideration as if the work was his own. He is also very sensitive to author’s boundaries, allowing the writer to maintain their own thoughts and voice. Overall, Floyd rates very highly as an editor, one that I would use again.” Allan Cooperstein

“Floyd did a very thorough job of editing my book. He has an impressive attention to detail!” Randall Schultz

“I am a first time writer and Floyd was great to work with. He is patient and professional and goes above and beyond to assist.” Andrew D. Frost

“I just got an email that my book made it as a finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards!!!! I’m invited to the awards ceremony at the Javits Center on May 24th!!!! Either way I receive my medal that night! This was a nationwide contest! Hopefully I can get a movie deal!”- Ian Fydell

“Mr. Largent was very helpful and professional and he seemed happy to answer my questions. He helped me determine which editing services were appropriate for my project, and explained clearly which services would be rendered for the prices he was quoting. His personal enthusiasm for fantasy literature made him a joy to discuss my project with. I would gladly recommend him to anyone looking for an open-minded editor, one who thinks that unusual stories are just as valid as the tried-and-true formulas.” (Contact information on request)

“Mr. Largent was great. I would definitely use his services again.” Curtis Williams

“Floyd did an outstanding job editing my first novel. Hopefully I will have the pleasure of working with him in the future.” John McCrary

“Floyd was great. I enjoyed his comments and edits, and was excited to read them. He added clarifications where I assumed the reader would just understand what I meant, and he added attitude and personality to my prose which previously leaned towards the clinical. He gave me great ideas.” -Jimm Grogan

“Floyd was selected from a random search engine look and I have to say he’s tremendous. Not only is he talented in his work, but very skilled at providing guidance to a novice writer like myself. Floyd is also very enthusiastic about my project and has always provided encouragement and support. He has an upbeat can-do attitude that is infectious and consistently delivers on the initial promises he made. His responsiveness and creative ideas have influenced my ability to be a better writer. I consider him a personal friend.” Thomas Marino-Spulveda. Service received: editing of query letter and synopsis.

“I was very pleased with Floyd’s work ethics. He was a never ending supply of support for my many questions and problems during the writing of my books. He was always there to answer any questions I may have and always returned my calls promptly. His knowledge of the editing process is overwhelming and I’d highly recommend Floyd to any one in need of a serious and professional editor. The love of his profession shows greatly in his work. Floyd’s and my working together not only evolved into a professional relationship early on but I also found I have a true friend. I will continue to use Floyd for all my editing services as long as he’ll have me as a client. I’ve never once regretted my decision and I can strongly say anyone who chooses Mr. Largent as a client will not be disappointed!” David Jarvis

“Floyd did an excellent editing job on my collection of linked short stories. He helped with a number of issues very specifically some thorny problems connected with producing a collection of linked yet distinctly separate stories. Beyond the overarching aesthetic problems, he was very good at assessing the dynamics of the individual pieces. His comments on the various narratives, the characters, and the dialogue were spot on. Beyond that his line editing gave the collection the final polish I wanted. I’d also rate Floyd right at the top for speed of response, communication skills, friendliness, and general professional attitude. As a bonus you get something quite rare with him: he’s someone who brings not only the close, intent eye of a fine, working editor, but also an authentic enthusiasm, some humor, and a straight up honesty that is refreshing and inspirational.” Terry Caszatt

“I must say how very pleased I am with the service Floyd Largent performed on my manuscript, Sins of the Fathers. He also gave my manuscript the voice it was sorely lacking. I will forever be in debt to Floyd for his hard work and dedication. He was prompt with his replies when I had questions and made appropriate suggestions about the structure. Thank you again for the wonderful service!” Michelle Rhyne

“I contacted in May, but since it was the Memorial Day weekend, I wasn’t expecting a response until after the holidays. However, in just a few hours, both of the editors I chose contacted me. By the next morning, I had an edited sample of my manuscript in my hands. While both editors were impressively qualified, I chose to go with Floyd Largent.
“ I handed Floyd my 65,000 word manuscript on June 6th and got it back, polished to within an inch of its life, on July 25th. Floyd did a fantastic job. He cleaned up my novel without altering my voice or style. He formatted the manuscript, corrected all of my quirky and embarrassing grammar mistakes, regrouped some wording to make the story flow more smoothly, and provided a very professional template for a query letter. He also threw in an eight-page synopsis and detailed character profiles on all my main characters.
“ Floyd’s professionalism throughout the process was impeccable. He answered all my questions clearly and thoroughly, he was patient with me – even when I did a little whining – and there was never a moment when I doubted him. I’m truly looking forward to working with Floyd again.” Wendy Adams

“Floyd is special to me in that he allows me to fine tune my work after he does an original edit, then he goes over my work again after I’ve made changes to improve my story line.” (Contact information on request)

“I greatly appreciated Mr. Largent’s ability to give honest feedback with his true motivation being to assist me in completing a quality manuscript. His intent was not in buttering or flattery. His thoroughness was also extremely valuable for me. Thanks again.” Ben Larremore

“Mr. Floyd Largent is an excellent science fiction editor. He is also master editor for technical subjects. Mr. Largent edited my manuscript without changing my style.” Dilip Brahmbhatt

“Floyd Largent has been a pleasure to work with. He has been kind, thoughtful, patient and a true professional. At first I was a little worried about working with someone online, but he always made me feel comfortable and never pressured me into something I wasn’t comfortable with. Not only did he take the time to work on my manuscript, he also took the time to educate me and encourage me. If anything should ever come of my project, Floyd Largent will be the first person I thank. Floyd is not only a wonderful proofreader, he is also a wonderful human being. I look forward to working with him in the future.” Ian Fydell, author of the novel, Breathing Space

“I just wanted to let you know that The Aristeia is out. Check out or for a nice blurb. Thanks again for all your work on it!” George P. Alexander

“I’ve been going through the story and I’m about halfway through the review”¦. So far, the work is incredible. I really like what you’ve done with it to say the least. Satisfaction would be an understatement.” Andrew Miller, The Road to War (written as Jason Miller)

“Floyd Largent did an outstanding job with my manuscript, his attention to detail, knowledge, and professionalism surpassed my expectations. I could not have been happier with the final product, or picked a more qualified editor to work with. I’ll definitely be using his services again in the future.” D. W. Naef