We need DEVELOPMENTAL EDITORS, COPY EDITORS, PROOFREADERS, and EXPERIENCED WRITING MENTORS with traditional and self-publishing experience. The ideal candidate will be able to perform all levels of editing from development/substantive to copyediting and proofreading. Because definitions and levels of editing are often confusing and interchangeable, copyediting/proofreading is considered one category. Copyediting/proofreading applicants must pass the find-the-errors proofreading test to be able to offer proofreading on our sites.

BOOK LIST REQUIRED WITH APPLICATION (see application link below).

Experienced copy editors and proofreaders are needed for these categories:

Children / Young Adult / Middle Grade Fiction and Nonfiction (picture and chapter books) – Publishing consultants needed.
Science Fiction / Horror / Speculative Fiction
Paranormal Romance
Women’s Fiction / Romance Novels
New Age (fiction and nonfiction)
LGBT (female)
Christian (fiction) – Submissions in this category often ask for a male or female editor. At this time we need a female editor.
Short Stories

The matchmaking process:

Writers review our sites and select editors based on posted credentials. Writers use the submission form to select up to 3 editors. Review the bios on our site. Send your CV/resume and booklist if you have the background and editing credentials similar to the editors currently in the network. Network members work directly with clients, remain freelance/independent contractors, are free to accept or reject submissions, but are expected to have consistent availability for network clients.

Network members must have at least 10 published titles (as editor/proofreader) to be posted in a category.

Entry test …

Qualified applicants will be sent a short copyediting and proofreading test. Developmental editors are not required to pass the proofreading test but all applicants in every category take the test. Failed tests are not marked and returned.

Many of our editors have been part of this freelance network for over a decade. Preference will be given to applicants who intend to commit long-term.

Do not respond if you are not an experienced editor, failed our tests within the past 2 years, cannot make a 2-year (minimum) commitment to the network, maintain a moderate/heavy editing workload from other sources, or do not meet these basic requirements:

You must be 100% freelance (no day job). No exceptions.

5+ years of editing experience and a track record of published books that you have edited (traditional and self-published).

Ability to use Microsoft Word’s tracking and comment features. Your version of Word must be 2010 or later.

Ability to send and receive file attachments.

Ability to check e-mail several times each day (including once per day on weekends). Our policy is a 3-hour (max) response time during US work hours (e.g., 8a-5p central time zone).

Consistent availability (Some categories are high volume. Do not apply if you tend to stay busy and are only looking for “fill in” work.)

Dependable Internet connectivity (primary/secondary).

You must be based in the US.

English must be your first language.

Ethical policies

Freelance editors in this network:

must use written contracts/service agreements that specify the scope of the project, the cost per word/per page/per hour, and payment methods

may only offer services related to the tests passed (e.g., developmental editors and writers who do not pass the copyediting or proofreading tests may not offer copyediting or proofreading services through this network)

may not subcontract projects to other editors

must be willing to turn down projects that cannot (subjectively) be improved with the editor’s input

must provide all network clients with a feedback form that is returned to the network coordinator


Resumes without book lists will not be considered.


No phone calls

Do not use the chat button

No hard-copy resumes

No inquiries about “how to become an editor”

No free advice

No trainees / entry-level