Michael Carr

Michael Carr

Michael Carr is an editor, writer, and translator with some 400 book title credits, working for authors and major publishers including Time Warner Books, Penguin Putnam, Little, Brown and Co., Hachette Book Group, Palgrave Macmillan, United States Institute of Peace Press, and many others.

Michael has edited a dozen New York Times best sellers and another dozen Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, international, and Amazon best sellers.

Best Sellers, Award Winners, and Notable Authors Edited

Thriller, Mystery/Suspense

James Cobb, Robert Ludlum’s The Arctic Event – New York Times best seller
Paul Draker, New Year Island – #1 Amazon best seller in Hard-Boiled Mystery, #1 Amazon best seller in Psychological Suspense, #3 Barnes and Noble overall best seller
Robert Dugoni, The Jury Master – New York Times best seller
Brad Meltzer, The Zero Game -#3 New York Times best seller
Archer Mayor, New York Times best-selling author, Chat
Archer Mayor, Gatekeeper – New York Times Notable Book of the Year
Archer Mayor, The Second Mouse
Archer Mayor, The Surrogate Thief
Patricia Smiley, Cover Your Assets – Los Angeles Times best seller
Patricia Smiley, False Profits – Los Angeles Times best seller
Donald Westlake, 3-time Edgar Award winner, The Road to Ruin
Donald Westlake, Thieves’ Dozen
Donald Westlake, Watch Your Back

Science Fiction / Fantasy

Gregory Benford, Nebula Award-winning, New York Times best-selling author, Beyond Infinity
Paul Draker, Pyramid Lake – #1 Amazon best seller in hard science fiction, #1 Amazon best seller in techno thrillers
David & Leigh Eddings, #1 New York Times best-selling authors, The Elder Gods
Michael Moorcock, Nebula Award-winning author, The White Wolf’s Son

Journalism, Politics, Government, Military History

Robert Ankony, LURPS: A Ranger’s Diary of Tet, Khe Sanh, A Shau, and Quang Tri – Twice nominated for Army Historical Foundation’s Distinguished Writing Award, 2006, 2009
Tucker Carlson, CNN Crossfire host, Politicians, Partisans, and Parasites
Lou Dobbs, Exporting America: Why Corporate Greed Is Shipping American Jobs Overseas
Bernard Goldberg, Arrogance – New York Times best seller
Reverend Al Sharpton, Al on America

Self-Help / How-to

Brendon Burchard, The Charge – New York Times best seller,#1 Wall Street Journal best seller – #1 Barnes & Noble best seller
Brendon Burchard, Life’s Golden Ticket – #1 Amazon best seller
Brendon Burchard, The Millionaire Messenger – #1 New York Times best seller
Russ Harris, The Happiness Trap – International best seller printed in 30 languages
Rob “Waldo” Waldman, Never Fly Solo – New York Times best seller, Wall Street Journal best seller

Books Published/Edited

Partial list from 400+ titles edited

Crime / Mystery / Suspense / Detective
Will Adams, The Alexander Cipher
Leslie Banks, Betrayal of Trust
Leslie Banks, Dark Dreams
James Scott Bell, Try Darkness
Marc Blatte, Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed
James Cobb, Robert Ludlum’s The Arctic Event – New York Times best seller
Mark Cohen, Bluetick Revenge
Jeffrey Cruikshank, Murder at the B-School
Paul Draker, New Year Island – #1 Amazon best seller in hard-boiled mystery, #1 best seller in psychological suspense – #8 Barnes & Noble overall best seller
Paul Draker, Pyramid Lake – #1 Amazon best seller in techno thrillers
Robert Dugoni, The Jury Master – New York Times best seller
Robert James Glider, Golden Conspiracy
Robert Greer, Heat Shock
Archer Mayor, New York Times best-selling author, Chat
Archer Mayor, Gatekeeper New York Times Notable Book of the Year
Archer Mayor, The Second Mouse
Archer Mayor, The Surrogate Thief
Brad Meltzer, The Zero Game – New York Times best seller
Marcia Muller, Cape Perdido
Marcia Muller, Cyanide Wells
Marcia Muller, The Dangerous Hour
Gary Phillips, Bangers
David Rosenfelt, Play Dead
Patricia Smiley, False Profits – Los Angeles Times best seller
Patricia Smiley, Cover Your Assets- Los Angeles Times best seller
Jeff Stetson, Justice
Donald Westlake, 3-time Edgar Award winner, The Road to Ruin
Donald Westlake, Thieves’ Dozen
Donald Westlake, Watch Your Back
Donald Westlake (as Richard Stark), Nobody Runs Forever
Steve Williams, Slice
Science Fiction / Fantasy
Ashok Banker, Prince of Ayodhya
Gregory Benford, Nebula Award-winning, New York Times best-selling author, Beyond Infinity
Paul Draker, Pyramid Lake – #1 Amazon best seller in hard science fiction
David & Leigh Eddings, New York Times best-selling authors, The Elder Gods
Michael Moorcock, The White Wolf’s Son
Cliff Paris, Wombs
Robert Louis Smith, Antiquitas Lost
Ian Stewart & Jack Cohen, Heaven
Paul Wunders, The Fourth Corner
Drama / Romance
Wendy Alec, The Fall of Lucifer
Wendy Alec, Messiah
Cheri Paris Edwards, Plenty Good Room
Aisha Ford, Flippin’ the Script
Marianne Gage, The Wind Came Running
Dorothy Garlock, Song of the Road
Nancy Lieberman, Admissions
Lauren Lipton, It’s about Your Husband
Jane Porter, The Frog Prince
Robin Schwarz, Night Swimming
R. D. Snowcroft, The Blanchard Brothers Film Company
Troy Soos, The Gilded Cage
Michelle Stimpson, Boaz Brown
Michelle Stimpson, Divas of Damascus Road
Caroline Upcher, Falling for Mr. Wrong
Self-Help / How-To / Psychology
Leigh Broadhurst, Natural Asthma Relief
Brendon Burchard, The Charge – New York Times best seller, #1 Wall Street Journal best seller, #1 Barnes & Noble best seller, Amazon best seller
Brendon Burchard, Life’s Golden Ticket – #1 Amazon best seller
Brendon Burchard, The Millionaire Messenger – #1 New York Times best seller
Brendon Burchard, The Student Leadership Guide
Carlene Cross, Fleeing Fundamentalism
David Dempsey, Better to Best: How to Speak for Extraordinary Results &Every Time!
Ken Futch, Take Your Best Shot
Dra. Isabel Gómez-Bassols, Dónde están las instrucciones? (Spanish)
James & Beth Hood, Where’s the Map? Create Your Own Guide to Life after Graduation
Russ Harris MD, The Happiness Trap – International best seller published in 30 languages
Harold Levinson MD, Smart but Feeling Dumb: New Research on Dyslexia
Laurie Martin, Smile across Your Heart
David ben Moshe, The Secret of the Jews: Letters to Nietzsche
Will Patterson, The Baron Son
Alexandra Robbins and Abby Wilner, Quarter-life Crisis: The Unique Challenges of Life in Your Twenties
Dan Thurmon, Success in Action
Robert Ankony, LURPS: A Ranger’s Diary of Tet, Khe Sanh, A Shau, and Quang Tri – Twice nominated for Army Historical Foundation’s Distinguished Writing Award, 2006, 2009
Tucker Carlson, Politicians, Partisans, and Parasites
Lou Dobbs, Exporting America: Why Corporate Greed Is Shipping American Jobs Overseas
Rusty Fleming, Drug Wars: Narco Warfare in the 21st Century
Samantha Glen, Best Friends: The True Story of the World’s Most Beloved Animal Sanctuary
Bernard Goldberg, Arrogance: Rescuing America from the Media Elite, New York Times best seller
Steve Jackson, No Stone Unturned: The Story of NecroSearch International
Joan Potter, African American Firsts: Famous Little-Known and Unsung Triumphs of Blacks in America
Reverend Al Sharpton, Al on America
Jewel Woods, Don’t Blame It on Rio
Spanish-language romance
Luz Borges, Deuda de amor
Lourdes Carvajal, Bésame mucho
Diana Escalera, Jugando con candela
Berta Platas Fuller, Todo de mí
Diana García, Aviso oportuno
Leticia Gómez, Dulce destino
Yvette González, Canto de amor
Victoria Márquez, Cortejo cálido
Sylvia Mendoza, Olas de pasión
Liliana Monteil-Doucette, Conquista
Reyna Ríos, Destino amor
Hebby Roman, La mejor apuesta
Lynda Sandoval, Solo tú
Lynda Sandoval, Soñando contigo
Caridad Scordato, Con todo mi corazón
Dalia Vargas, Blue Moon (translation to English)
Consuelo Vázquez, Estrella

Editing Specialties


Developmental and structural editing  analysis of coherence, arc of story, character development, dialogue, voice, pace, flow, transitions, and reader engagement

Writing assistance  to improve organization and clarity, enrich language usage, build emotional connections between characters and story elements in both fiction and nonfiction

Query letters and synopses  review for submission to literary agents

Book proposals  help writer develop this sales piece for nonfiction book manuscripts. To include intro, summary, author bio, marketing plan, comparative analysis of competition, and sample chapters.

Consultation about self-publishing  discuss steps to independent publishing: internal layout and design, book cover, e-books and POD (print on demand), promotion, marketing and sales.




“I had a very positive experience working with Michael Carr. I was in awe of his ability to take my erratic thoughts and put them into a cohesive structure. All my malaprops, misplaced commas, and mistakes galore, must have made him cringe and suffer. However, he handled my work with patience and kindness. I felt like he was a friend guiding me and teaching me how to be a better writer. I learned more from him than all the courses I took and books I read on writing. He made it seem so simple. I was also amazed at the breadth and depth of his abilities. He was like a Strunk and White, Wikipedia, Urban dictionary, and John Gardner masala.”

“Michael Carr is exactly the editor I was hoping to secure. He immediately understood what my book needed to enhance the readability while remaining sensitive to the voice and tone of the story I was trying to tell. He encouraged me to stand up for my story and character beliefs and empowered me to write my own book while standing firm about POV issues, clichés, and a host of bad writing habits I had fallen into. I don’t know how I would have found him without Book Editing Associates.”

“Michael, the rewrite is spot-on. You made us look good. We plan to have you canonized.” Sara Ann Freed, Ellery Queen Awardwinning crime fiction editor, Time Warner Books

“I can’t enthuse enough about Michael Carr’s extraordinary editing abilities. His editorial input elevated The Happiness Trap from a run-of-the-mill self-help book to a best-seller that is currently being published worldwide in 30 languages! He not only edited the manuscript; he also taught me how to edit myself. And he threw in a wealth of priceless tips about how to improve my writing. He’s not cheap, but he’s worth every cent and more. And, as they say, you get what you pay for! Russ Harris MD, Author of the international best seller The Happiness Trap

“There are simply no superlatives adequate to describe Michael’s editing excellence and his professionalism. He is, quite simply, the best.” Arthur Ellis PhD, author of Zora Hurston and the Strange Case of Ruby McCollum

“I can’t believe how fortunate I am to have found Michael! He is very approachable and responsive, and he is not only a brilliant editor but has taught me how to fix problems with my manuscript even before it reaches the editing phase. I have already asked Michael to assist with the next phase of my project and am excited at the prospect of having a vastly improved and more saleable manuscript at the end of it. I highly recommend Michael and will be using his services again.” (On file with network coordinator)

“One word about Michael and his editing talents WOW! A maven on just about every subject, knowledgeable, skilled, perceptive, helpful, superb command of English language and Spanish, kind, deft touch and fun. A writer who works with Michael is a lucky writer indeed!” Nancy

“Michael was excellent. He answered my emails promptly and thoroughly. He was also very insightful and helpful in understanding what was wrong with my project and providing proper steps of improvement. Had I not worked with him, I probably would have continued making the same mistakes I’ve been making for years. This was exactly what I was looking for.” (Contact info on request.)

“Excellent work. Stayed on board during the ride despite the many story twists and turns; knew how to bring the message with humor (e.g., “˜this information is interesting for Frank <lead character> but not for the reader: delete’). Was available for last-minute questions and work! We will work together on my next novel.” Carel Mackenbach

“Michael helped me identify clever banter that did not move the plot along. He showed where several possibly entertaining scenes distracted from the plot and suspense. He told me which scenes, dialogue, and characters he loved and which fell a little flat. Most of all, he helped me understand that the emotional impact of each scene must be carefully planned and executed for overall effect. His goal was not just to improve my manuscript (which he did) but to make me a better writer. I recommend him highly.”

“Michael Carr was the best thing that could have ever happened to my novel. He went above and beyond and I will use him for all novels to come.” (Contact information on request)

“The network worked impressively well in referring me to three possible editors each of whom gave me substantive and thoughtful comments. Michael Carr is a gifted editor. While I do not have extensive experience in this field, I do understand competence.” Jarlath Hume

“Michael Carr is a very talented and creative editor. He is straightforward, exceptionally responsive and honest. It is a real pleasure to work with him and I would use and recommend his services at any opportunity.” Rami Loya

“Michael Carr did a great job cutting the fat and increasing the tension. I imagine there are a lot of good editors who deal effectively with sentence-by-sentence editing for typos, spelling, grammar, and punctuation, but a gifted editor puts fresh eyes on a piece of fiction and sees problems and stylistic opportunities that the author misses. Carr is a gifted editor. The story was all there when I sent it to him, but when I got it back, less had become more-the prose was so much cleaner and clearer. Before, it moved; now it races. Judicious cutting also added to consistency of voice and thereby to dramatic unity. Even though I had written the book, I got deeply into reading the edited version because I wanted to know what happens next. I was so engrossed, I forgot that I already knew. Oh, yes, right, wow!”
George Davis, Professor Emeritus (Creative Writing), Rutgers University, author of The Melting Points, and also of Coming Home, on which the movie starring Jane Fonda and John Voight was based.

“Michael Carr provided excellent advice that I could clearly understand and use. He gets to the problem areas and doesn’t mince words. I wish that I had used his knowledge and perspective a year ago.”
Ron Winters

“Michael was fabulous; responsive; encouraging but also pointed out areas that needed improvement; enthusiastic; truly truly helpful. He worked quickly and we stayed on schedule. As I read his suggestions, I could see that he often chose words with more “˜punch’ and that his selections greatly enhanced the impact. I could not be more pleased and am grateful that I “˜found’ him. I’m really delighted.” Christine M. Whitehead

“Michael is the best editor I’ve ever worked with. His instincts for what needed to change and his razor sharp eye for detail were brilliant. His knowledge of a wide range of subjects and complete command of the English language amazed me. Michael understands how to make a piece of writing technically solid as well as lovely to read. Besides all that, he is a delight to work with! I won’t submit another book for publication without his help.” Carlene Cross, author, The Undying West and Sacred Deceit

“Michael Carr is one of the sharpest, most conscientious and diligent editors I have encountered in the more than ten years I have worked as a writer and publisher. His knack for finding the precise words and turns of phrase is exceeded perhaps only by his wisdom as a human being. Whatever the subject at hand, he has displayed a priceless ability to make writers better.” Adam Gamble, On Cape Publications, Dennis, Massachusetts

“Michael Carr’s editing made the language sing. His pleasant cajoling, diplomatic manner, and artful buffing unquestionably improved the final product. I recommend him without reservation-except I fear that he will become too busy for our next project.” David J. Dempsey, JD, CEO of Dempsey Communications, LLC, author of Legally Speaking

“Michael Carr has professional skills and artistic talents that proved invaluable in his work on my manuscript.”¦ He was pleasant, prompt, and candid. It was an education and a pleasure to work with him.” Robert C. Ankony, author of Lurps: A Ranger’s Diary of Tet, Khe Sanh, A Shau, and Quang Tri, nominated for the Army Historical Foundation’s 2006 Distinguished Writing Award.

“I can’t say enough about how pleasant the entire experience of working with Michael Carr was. He was at all times gracious, patient, and helpful. And he had to work with someone (me) who had been using an out-of-date program and had written a long, unwieldy novel. Michael put it all together with a more focused storyline, still using all of my many beloved original small-town characters. There was never a phone call or e-mail that went unanswered, never a doubt or stumble on my part that wasn’t met with his voice of assurance.” Marianne Gage, author of The Wind Came Running

“Michael Carr is the finest editor I have ever worked with. His attention to detail, ability to choose the perfect word or phrase, and mastery of syntax and grammar is nothing short of remarkable. He truly made each sentence of my project sing with clarity and rhythm. Just as important, he provided “˜big picture’ feedback on the overall message of my book, saving me on multiple occasions from taking tangents that would have harmed my credibility and impact with the reader. I’m thrilled with the final product. Overall, a phenomenal experience.” Brendon Burchard, author, #1 New York Times best seller The Millionaire Messenger and New York Times best seller The Charge.

“Looking back, I didn’t pay enough for Michael’s services. He was insightful, constantly available, and consistently on the money with every aspect of my writing. He made it a thoroughly enjoyable working, as well as learning, experience. I can enthusiastically recommend him.” Richard R. Bobé MD

“The work that Michael did exceeded all expectations. Thanks to him, my novel is cohesive, easily comprehended, and wonderfully descriptive. I have forwarded a couple of blurbs [below] that I’ve gotten from people who write for the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. All of the good things that they say are in part a reflection of his artistry.” Mark Blatte

“Reading Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed, the pages flew. I went through them like money. Mark Blatte is a natural storyteller, as incapable of writing a boring sentence as he was in his former life of writing a lackluster melody.” Peter DeJong, writer, New York Times and New York magazine, coauthor of the best-seller Beach House, with James Patterson

“After living in California all these years, it’s a pleasure to be hit with this big dose of New York energy. A broad spectrum of characters appears here, dangerous flaws and wild humanity intact.” Marianne Rogoff, book reviewer, San Francisco Chronicle

“I must thank my editor, Michael Carr, who kept me on track throughout the development of my novel by questioning my occasional assumptions and resolving any of my literary and grammatical shortcomings with his stellar expertise and suggestions.” Clyde Payne, author of Trailing the Moccasin

“Michael Carr is an excellent editor. All of his comments and suggestions were offered with grace and style and professionalism. There were days when personal hardship brought crushing weight into his life, and not once did he allow it to diminish his cheerful demeanor, his high quality efforts, or his concern for my well-being as a writer.” Harley Carnes

“Thank you, I could not be any more pleased with your service. Retaining Michael Carr’s editing services made the difference between writing two hundred pages of never-ending thoughts that would end up stuck in my computer for the rest of its life and having an informative and entertaining manuscript that has a real shot at getting published in the near future. His professionalism and exceptional skills have been worth every dime. I would recommend Michael and your service to any writer regardless of their experience or lack thereof. This was the best decision I made in the entire project.” Gary Fleming Jr., Renavatio Productions

“First I must mention that had it not been for the service I would not have found Michael Carr and would still be trying to get my ms. into a viable form. Your editor profiles were informative and the response times were very prompt.
What he has done with my story is amazing. At the outset of my project, I had thought that my ideas and imagination were enough. Boy, was I wrong! What Michael started with was a rough stone that he threw into a tumbler. What emerged was something shiny and polished. I got so much more than a fine-tuned manuscript; I got knowledge, and expertise that was willingly given. Michael took the time to teach me, to lead me in the direction necessary to become a more effective and efficient writer. I got more than I ever imagined in terms of the finished product. But even more than that, what Michael took the time to impart to me, to coin a cliché, is priceless.

Working with Michael has been an experience that rivals that of writing the book. His eyes, perspective, and experience not only made my words better, they made me better. I will now be able to embark on the next phase-getting my work published-with the confidence and knowledge that not only is my ms. ready, but also that time and effort (and, of course, money) were invested to make it is as good as it can be.” Thank you, Michael Mark Shaff