Dr. Sally Jordan holds a diploma in nursing, an undergraduate degree in psychology, and a MSW and PhD in social work from The Ohio State University. Dr. Jordan practiced critical care and coronary care nursing for 15 years in the hospital settings, and served as a an assistant head nurse, head nurse, and assistant director of nursing education. She also served as a director of nursing agency.

As a social worker, she worked in child welfare investigating child abuse cases. She has been a full time faculty member for over 20 years, and has conducted field research in the areas of homelessness, mental illness, addiction, child welfare, and community partnerships.

As a university faculty member in both bricks and mortar and online universities, Dr. Jordan has been involved in teaching research ethics to social work students, serving as a faculty consultant for Institutional Review Board (IRB) preparations, and been a member of two IRBs.

Dr. Jordan has chaired over 50 dissertation committees and works closely with students through the dissertation process, providing frequent and detailed feedback for improved academic writing. Committed to mentoring students into independent scholars, her greatest joy is calling a former student, “Dr. _________(fill in the blank with your name).”




Academic Writing
Creating Hypothesis Statements
Data Collection (Online)
Development Editing
Field Testing
Hypothesis Testing
Instrument Development
Pilot Testing
Program Evaluation
Qualtrics Online Survey Software
Sample Size Estimates
Statistical Analysis (SPSS) ANOVA, Chi-Square, Cronbach’s Alph,
Pearson’s r, Multiple Regression, Spearman’s Rho, T-Tests, Etc”¦
Qualitative Data Analysis
Study Design (Qualitative and Quantitative)
Survey Design
Survey Monkey Online Survey Software

Dissertation and Thesis Topics


Child welfare
Community health care
Community organizing
Community partnerships
Cultural diversity
Families and children
Homeless populations
Human behavior
Institutional Review Board research ethics; review preparation
International Research
Mental illness
Nursing- acute care practice; education; ethics; management/administration
Policy analysis
Policy practice
Program evaluation
Research methodology (qual and quant)
Rural women
Rural communities
Social Work , administration, child welfare; clinical practice skills; ethics; field education; military; organizations; policy; research
Social Work Curriculum development
Technology in online education
Technology and social work education