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Linda Trollinger

Copy editor, APA editor, technical editor, fiction editor, developmental editor, proofreader, researcher, technical writer, business and marketing writer, and generalist. Linda Trollinger has been a writer and editor for nearly 30 years and has edited thousands of documents for clients around the world. She is a versatile award-winning copy editor with a diverse array of …

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James N. Powell

Literary fiction, creative nonfiction, contemporary-mainstream-trade, adventure, romance, science fiction, action/military, travel/lifestyle, erotica, gay/lesbian, ethnic culture, literary journalism, memoir/autobiography, New Age, religion, spirituality, poetry, APA Editing APA EDITING SERVICES Proofreading for correct seriation (lists of items in a series), smoothness of expression, continuity of presentation of ideas, tone, wordiness, redundancy, word choice, colloquial expressions and jargon, …

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    APA Editing Services Professional 6th Edition APA Editing Help       APA Editors for Dissertations and Theses | APA 6th Edition Our professional APA format editors work with graduate students to perfect and polish their research papers, theses, or dissertations. In addition to APA 6th edition formatting and editing, our editors ensure that …

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APA Style: Annotated Bibliography

by James N. Powell, editor As is sometimes the case for elements of American Psychological Association (APA) style, even though there is no actual rule found in the manual for a given element, readers can extrapolate a rule by paying attention to how the manual is written. This is true for annotated bibliographies. Although annotated bibliographies …

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APA Style Research Report Sections

Sarah Jaymes

APA Writing Consultant APA Dissertation Editor When I taught college composition courses, I asked my students to use APA style report divisions (i.e., Literature Review, Method, Results, Discussion, and Conclusions sections) to organize their research reports. Few students in the composition courses were majoring in the social or behavioral sciences or were entering careers in …

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