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Behind Closed Publishing House Doors: How Publication Decisions Are Made

by Rachel Stone Did you ever wonder how or why publishers publish what they do? As an industry insider—executive, manager, and editor for over 35 years—I can give you the lowdown. Actually, it’s what you think it is, and the answer is pretty simple: MONEY. These are some of the questions publishers ask themselves when …

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Basics of Book Design, Part 1

There are many online book retailers today, including CreateSpace and Amazon Kindle, Apple iBookstore, Google, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and Lulu. Publishing has changed in just about every way in my lifetime, but one thing remains the same: the basic rules of good book design and typesetting (also known as page layout and composition). Main …

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The Query-Query Strategy

By Mark Orrin Senior Editor/Authors’ Mentor Book Editing Associates Ever feel you can’t approach certain agents or publishing house editors because they say they’ll only look at solicited projects? Here’s a strategy I call Query-Query, that more than a few writers I’ve mentored (and I myself) have used to get past such apparently insurmountable roadblocks to …

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